Electronic Mosquito Bat – Review


Chinese Electric Mosquito Bat
Chinese Electric Mosquito Killer Bat

Mosquitoes are a household problem in India. As I’m the preferred prey for them, I used to be mostly on the receiving end. I had tried various ways like ALL OUT mosquito repellent, Tortoise coils (although I didn’t like the smell) and the traditional ways of man/hand handling. None of them were very effective solutions for me. Because the mosquitoes were gaining immunity over the chemicals in no time. My friends used to joke that they saw mosquitoes relaxing or flying around ALL OUT and Good Night repellents 🙂

One fine day my grand father mentioned about Mosquito Bats and was going on and on, explaining how they tackled the issue very easily at their home. I quickly recollected, my passes on the road side vendors who sell them at traffic signals. I wanted to try them once and after I used it for the first time, it proved to be the most effective solution till date.

Awesome innovation: I slowly realized that this is indeed an excellent Chinese innovation. With a simple concept of using electricity to kill mosquito by combining it with the playful bat kind of design is truly wonderful. I had seen designs of huge electric lamps designed to attract flies etc where the target is expected to reach the trap. But here with the flexible bat structure, we are in command to chase the target.

I do enjoy a lot while hunting mosquitoes through the bat. The ones who love cricket or tennis, won’t get bored with these bats. We wouldn’t make our hands dirty in spite of killing them. I remember my olden days where after killing mosquitoes with hands, I used to run to wash basin to clear the blood stains on my hands. Now there are no such worries.

Easy to charge design is very handy. They’ve also ruled out the need of a cable, by intelligent embedded plug for charging.

Affordable cost: The initial pieces were sold between Rs 80 to Rs 100. As they became more popular now these are available at super markets as well in the price range of Rs 130 to Rs 150, still being quite affordable.

No health hazards: Unlike mosquito repellents which use chemicals that are often not liked by humans as well, electronic bats don’t have these short comings.

– The only drawback that I see in these pieces is they are not robust. If the bats accidentally fall down few times, they scream for a repair. May be the price factor is causing this. But a more robust material would be welcomed by many even if its little more expensive. This is quite important because its hard to protect the bats from kids at home, who use them for an entirely different purpose.

On the whole, Electronic Mosquito Bat has been a new discovery for me and I regard it as one of the best innovations for a pestering problem. However going by balance of nature philosophy, in recent times I’ve been observing that mosquitoes seem to have learnt their own kung fu, karate kind of art to fight this battle of bats. Its becoming difficult to kill mosquitoes as they’ve become ultra sharp and are quickly getting mixed with different colors, often confusing humans. Anyways as we have superior brains, with little more attention, we can easily nail these targets.

If you are facing issues with mosquitoes and are yet to try these bats, don’t wait for anything and just grab one piece and play with it. You would definitely acknowledge the creation !

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