FIFA 2010 World Cup – Germany Vs Argentina Quarter Final Match Review

Just now watched the Quarter final match between Germany and Argentina in FIFA 2010 World Cup. What a match it was !

It was a classic game of football. Germany finished the match 4-0.  The famous  Octopus had predicted that Germany is going to win this match and interestingly this time too it proved to be right. Argentina was moved into tremedous pressure very soon when Muller scored a stunning goal in the third minute itself. It is being rated as one of the fastest ever goals recorded in FIFA world cup history. Muller raced like a bullet to a free kick and shocked everyone with his perfect header.

Diego Maradona also looked very tense after this. Messi’s class did create some chances for Argentina but the goal keeper of Germany looked like the wall. He was the biggest saviour of the game for Germany and on the other hand Argentina’s goal keeper was not on the standards that this game demanded. For most part of the game he looked inactive though he could save some tough shots at his goal post.

Germany finished the first half 1-0 with tremendous confidence. This has given them enough boost for the second half and the awesome coordination that this team has resulted in three more excellent goals making it a diaster for Argentina. Podolski, Klose and couple of Germany players showcased classic football. The goal in which Podolski gave an intelligent pass to Klose is a treat to watch. All in all the team effort has really worked the best in this match for Germany and they are now definitely the favorites for this World Cup.

Many of the Germany players lived up to the expectations. Miroslav Klose proved once again that he is an excellent finisher. Podolski gave some accurate passes. Muller looked like scoring few more goals.

The only thing that worked against Germany is the Yellow Card for Muller which makes him miss the Semi Final match. This might be a big blow for them.

Messi was impressive in parts. He did create good opportunities for his team but Argentina was very poor in finishing. Most of their shots were tried very far and off the goal post.

All in all a huge energy booster for Germany and a great misery for Argentina. Well thats part of this game and definitely this was not Argentina’s day.

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