VLC Media Player Review

With the advent of video on Personal Computer the biggest challenge has been to put the size of the video file as small as possible. There have been many successful implementations that served this purpose but some had to compromise on the quality of the picture. As days progressed many new formats have emerged and thus the complexity has increased in another area, that is the players which can read these files. To be precise, the demand for one player which can open any sort of video files.

VLC Media Player has exactly hit the bull’s eye in this area. Now a days it is very rare that any computer savvy and video centric guy is unaware of VLC. It has also another big advantage of providing it for free. It is also easy to install VLC. Owing to all these advantages it has certainly climbed the ladder of recognition and usage in the Media Players market. It has even surpassed classic players like Windows Media Player, Power DVD player..etc.

Its amazing if we try to understand how VLC works. The designers have indeed done an incredible job with it. If it has been so easy to bring such a software it would not been the situation that they are very very few such players available in the market as of today. The various codecs required to read the different formats seems to have been embedded in this player. It is interesting to see that VLC can read proprietary formats like Real Player format (rm extension). Till now I didn’t encounter any type of file that cannot be played in VLC.

The logo of VLC has also become a trademark now. The usage is also very simple and the speed of rendering the data is also very good.

All in all a thumps up to this awesome, useful software.

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