Neosporin Antibiotic powder by GlaxosmithKline Review – India

NEOSPORIN Antibiotic Powder Review

It just amazes me how much this small power plastic bottle can do…I remember playing with it when I was young by pouring water into it for fun…Anyways, below are the details on what it measn to everyone.

Q) How did you get introduced to Neosporin Antibiotic Powder  ?

I got injured with big bruises on Knee, elbow and on palm. I tried couple of other antibiotics…but did not seem to work well. Then my parents suggested the Neosoporin powder. It comes in small container of 10 grams and costs about 40 rupees. The container comes with a Thick Sky Blue cap. ( Do not buy the one with black container cap)

Q) What do you like about Neosporin Antibiotic Powder ?

It is very good in terms of healing. It absorbs all the puss and other liquids formed in the wound. I had deep wounds in skins, the antibiotic powder just absorbed everything and kept the wound dry.  It forms a layer in couple of days and cures within 4 to 5 days.  A good sign to show it is working is that it creates a small tickling sensation indicating the wound is healing.  My wounds got cured within 5 days. You can also apply small amount of coconut oil on top of wound along with the powder to have the medicine stick to the wound.

Q) Do you want to suggest anything on Neosporin Antibiotic Powder  ?

It is a great antibiotic powder. There is also an Ointment version of this, but not sure if that works like this. Continue to produce same quality medicine !

Q) Any final words about Neosporin Antibiotic Powder ?

It really works very well on any kind of bruises or wounds. My parents used this powder on severe wounds and it worked like charm. The beauty of the powder is, it is antibiotic and absorbs all the puss or any bad liquids created in the wound.  It is better than any ointments available out there.  You can always use coconut oil for any kind of support to the powder for it to stick to the wound.

What was your experience with Neosporin Powder ?



  1. I had burned my leg when I was 11 years old and the wound did not heal for a month and then I came accross a similar powder called silverex and my wound got healed in a weeks time. Any antifungal dusting powder also works, my nephew fall on his head and got a cut, I applied dusting powder and in 5 days his wound was healed if we would have visited doctor then he would have recommended Stiches. My son got a cut now on chin and I am using dusting powder and in just 24 hours his would is completely dry. The powder is called Clocip.

  2. Can we use it burns ? My stomach area is burnt while cooking…i used burnol for a week.but still it is not healed.puss is forming…please suggest

  3. The line i played with this powder when i was child, remembered me how do i mix the water with it and throw on ants .. Lol

    • Instead a similar Ayurvedic powder Velosulf is equally good.
      In the beginning try only antiseptics. Avoid using antibiotic cream or powders indiscriminately.

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  5. Can this powder be used in infected wound?i had csection a month ago and still open 2 cm, not deep.i havd heard this powder is very useful.please reply.

  6. For cuts and wounds.
    Dab or pour some mercurochrome solution on cuts or wounds and then sprinkle neosporin powder. Works like magic. It stops bleeding and forms superfast clotting. Be careful of the fast colour of mercurochrome with your clothes. You may use lightly taped gauge over it to ensure the powder to stay and to avoid touch irritation. (Lghtly as to ensure free breathing of the wound). Was used on me since childhood by my parents as well as in school. Still sureshot for the purpose and never fails.

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  8. My rt leg thumb injured uoto nail portion on 30.12.12 it is slowly recovering, dr. Useing DEBRIDACE oitment,WHICH IS BETTER TO RECOVER FAST PLEASE.

  9. My rt leg thumb injured uoto nail portion on 30.12.12 it is slowly recovering, dr. Useing DEBRIDACE oitment is using,WHICH IS BETTER TO RECOVER FAST PLEASE.


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