Himalaya Lip Balm Review – Herbal

I have been using general chap stick and other kinds of lip balms for sometime now… The problem with all of these is that they tend to be very dry and after we apply to lips and you talk for sometime, it leaves white marks around your lips, as though you had butter or something around your lips edges, it does not look good.  I ended up trying Himalaya Lip Balm and it has been great.  Here is my Review.

Whats Nice about Himalaya Lip Balm ?

  • It is absolutely gel kind of substance and not like the thick general chapsticks and come out nicely
  • It  spreads well because of the gel type of it and lubricates all the parts of the lips
  • It has a nice sliced kind of cut, that helps you spread the lip balm well evenly across the lips, does not hurt the lips
  • It does not really get frozen much and get stuck like Wax, it is always in great lubricated mode
  • The flavor is also great, it comes mostly popular in one flavor, others do exist but have not used it
  • It is easy to carry
  • It is made of naturals as always like Himalaya says

What can be improved ?

  • I would love to see more and more flavors in Himalaya Lip balm. There are very limited flavors today
  • instead of tube style, it would be nice to have it in other flat models, I would love to have it in my wallet like a gum

I think overall, it is great lip balm and so far the best I have purchased, I will recommend this to anyone anytime.  It keeps your lips nourished and does not leave any of the marks even after you apply. What are your thoughts ?  What is your take ?

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