What Scenes were NOT Clear in Bahubali Part 2 – Missing Plot Details ?

As you now know why Bahubali was killed by Kattapa – Real Reason , it also wonders me and probably many on why some of the scenes were not very clear as they totally miss the Plot details or background of the same….Maybe more time could have been spent on these to add strong value to plot…maybe it was there, Editor would have cut it as they have limited time 😉

Bahubali’s Killing – Kalakeyas Coming all of a sudden :  It was not clear on how Kalakeyas came all of sudden, it is not mentioned in any of the discussions by Shivagami or Bhalladeva or Kattappa. It could have been made more clear so that audience knew that they were plotted and sent by them to divert the bad name of killing Bahubali or Did they really come all of a suddent ?  if they came all of a sudden, at least Shivagami could have mentioned to everyone that “Bahubali saved us tonight and saved Mahishmati by fighting valiantly on Kalakeyas who tried to come from behind”…both of these would have been nice to clarify. In current story, it is not clear.

Attack on Kuntala Desham by Someone, When Bahubali was inside there as anonymous :  It is not clear on why all of sudden someone comes to attack Kuntala Desham….There is no context set on why the fight happens and why they attack Kuntala desham…It would have been nice to explain or indicate in the plot on why Kuntala desham was attached and also Who attached it…we have no idea on who attached also, as they do not talk about it at all….

Shivagami Killing along with Young Infant Bahubali :  In the first part, we see that Shivagami is running from the cave and fights with the kings guards to save young infant Bhaubali and falls into the river.  But, in the second part, it shown that Bhallaladeva tries to kill her by sending an arrow to her back and she falls in River…What is not clear is that how are the part one and two related…in the first part, she does not seem to come from water, she would be outside of water coming from cave…this plot is a little misleading, could have been clear if both were tied.

Rakshasa Festival Walk by Devasena in final part :  While, they mention of that Shivagami did it 25 years ago of walking with fire on her head for Rakshasa festiva..It is not clear as Devasena walks all of sudden with fire on her head…While, it is a great plot, some context setting is missing here…

No info about Bhallaladeva’s Son, Family, Wife : While this may not be the important part of the movie, there is little or no information on the Bhalladeva’s son or wife or family…how it all happened in 25 years of having son, etc….It would have been nice to have few minutes on their background, the queen or son and their affection so that why Bhallaladeva was so furious….

Why Devasena was Jailed and Tied in Steel Chains : It is not really clear on why Devasena was charged and chained all 25 years by Bhallaladeva…would have been nice to have some kind of story or explanation on these aspects of Devasena.

What Happened in Mahishmati after Killing of Shivagami : It is also not clear on what happened after Killing of Shivagami…she announces the young King Mahendra Bahubali ( who was just born and takes him away to save him)…it is not clear on how Bhallaladeva and others take the king’s throne and rule the country…while some they cover in part 1, but is missing part after killing of Shivagami that would be nice to have more info or context.

What do you think ? Did you not understand on why some parts existed ?  Add your thoughts.


  1. 1. There are fan theories that they were fake Kalakeyas. Although they are dark, seem like barbaric savages and wear bones, there is something distinctly different in their appearance when compared to the original ones in part 1. Cannot put a finger on what exactly is different about their looks but they just looked different. Also, the Kalakeya leader in part 2 is defeated SUPER easily. The one is part 1 was a very powerful, skilled warrior. This kinda proves that the ones in part 2 were not the real ones. It was all an elaborate plan by Sivagami/Bhalla/Bijjala so as to mislead the public and avoid civil war which was inevitable, if the people found out that their beloved Bahubali was in fact assassinated.

    2. Pindaris, a large, marauding army of bandits. Pillaging armies like these don’t usually need a reason to attack places. Kuntala was a small, peaceful kingdo, easy for them to overpower. In the olden days, armies simply attacked kingdoms and took them over to expand their empire.

    3. I agree, a little more detailing here would have helped. One can assume that the moat she fell into somehow connected to a river and she floated to the bank where she knew the secret passageway was. It is quite clear that it was a passage known to rulers of the kingdom, because shortly after she is shown exiting the cave, two Mahishmati soldiers follow her. So Bhalla must have sent them to capture her.

    4. This is just to serve the purpose of rounding off the film. It begins on a divine-intervention note and ends on one. Good way of tying it up and it also has been 26 years since the last time the ritual was undertaken (25 years of Bhalla’s rule + 1 year when Amarendra went on the deshyatan, married Devasena, was exiled and lived in the stoneworkers’ village etc)

    5. Bhalla was obsessed with Devasena. A parallel can be drawn here between Ravana and him. Both men imprisoned a woman but were unable to force themselves upon her (sexually) due to their own set of principles. This only fuels their obsession with them further. So Bhalla never married. In interviews, Rajamouli has revealed that Bhadra was adopted so that Bhalla has an heir to take over from him.

    6. Bhalla was a control fetishist. One can see that he looks at her as a direct symbol of his victory over Bahubali. So when she escapes, he is losing his mind. The way he caresses the chains that held her and rubs them on his face show us that he is obsessed with her in a sick way. So even though he couldn’t force her to love him/submit to him, he had her as his physical captive. That was quite enough for him.

    7. This is very simple. What kept Bhalla and Bijjala within the confines of law was only and only Sivagami. She was the ultimate stateswoman and with her out of the way, they simply took over the throne. They did not care for explanations,and I am sure Bhalla would have subdued whatever opposition he faced by brute force. He was quite capable of that. He declared his absolute autonomy and heaped suffering upon the people. The same people who loved Bahubali so much.

  2. I mostly agree with Just Someone but here are some more thoughts.

    1. “Kalekeya” attack was definitely a ploy by Bhalla because he didn’t trust Kattapa and this is made more evident by how Bhalla shows up at the end as if he was checking to make sure everything was going to plan.

    2. Pindaris, that were shown earlier, attacked the kingdom.

    3. It’s amazing how much Shividu took to heart his father’s history. He not only remembered the festival Shivigami participated in to remove evil but he also realized it time for his own mother to do that again to remove the “evil” or “burn the Rakshasa” plaguing the kingdom AKA kill Bhalladeva. The priest does mention it’s purpose, which is why Bhalla tries to stop her walk or make her falter.

    4. If you re-watch the first film you’ll notice that Shivigami is wet and there’s an arrow in her back so it does line up with how she was shot and then was carried away by a river.

    5. Rajamouli says later that Bhalla doesn’t have a wife because his “love” for Devasena was so strong. (I’ll explain why I put love in quotations in the next one). Bhadra is therefore adopted.

    6. Bhalla loves Devasena but it’s become an obsession. He’s so focused on her that he makes tied up in the middle of the courtyard where if you think about it is a place he can view her from almost anywhere in the palace if he looks out. The obsession is creepy and plain weird.

    7. It’s kinda obvious. Shivigami is “killed” along with Mahendra so there’s no one else to rule except for Bhalla so the people have to accept him.

  3. Hi,
    Very nice observations I must say. I too had similar queries although some were understandable. Looks like Rajamouli had left it to our imagination.
    I will start from the points you mentioned and add some of my own.
    Bahubali’s Killing – Kalakeyas Coming all of a sudden:
    Yes, this was sudden. However we saw that they suddenly vanished after Bahubali’s killing. There were no mass murders of the people of Mahishmati or any battle that was followed by Bahubali’s death. So it can also be deduced that they were in fact, called in, by Bhallaldeva (quite possible, as he would go to any length) to ‘avenge’ the death of Kalakeya king (technically, Bhallaldeva killed him, but he could have delivered the ‘message’ anonymously to the Kalakeyas so they wouldn’t be able to understand who called them, they may have been just informed that the killer of their previous king is in that place and he is vulnerable so they came just in time of Katappa reaching there) Remember, Bhallaldeva DID NOT trust Katappa with the job so it makes sense that he would make some alternate plan to assassinate Bahubali should Katappa fail. As Kalakeyas were less in numbers they wouldn’t dare attack Mahishmati kingdom straightaway. They were only there to assassinate Bahubali and get their revenge that was promised via the ‘message’.
    It is however not clear to me, how come Bahubali did not see it through. He came to ‘rescue’ his mama who was being punished for treason. But being candidate for the kingdom he should have understood that this is not how punishments take place in the kingdom. It was fishy from the start and frankly, insulting to the intelligence of Katappa and Bahubali both to have planned and gone respectively in this manner.

    Attack on Kuntala Desham by Someone, When Bahubali was inside there as anonymous
    This was the ‘Pindaari’ clan. Before entering the kingdom of Kuntala, there was a schene showing bodies floating in the water where Katappa explains how that clan is murderous and how they treat their victims. When they attack Kuntala, then too, in the grounds of the palace, Katappa and Bahubali talk about the ‘Pindaari’ attacking. They were already close to the kingdom so this was planned from their side. For us it is surprise. So that’s the answer.

    Shivagami Killing along with Young Infant Bahubali:
    Shivagami gets hit by the arrow and falls in the stream however does not get killed. The stream must be flowing out of palace to the spot where Mahendra emerges after climbing up the waterfall. Shivagami must be aware of this route and hence you see her emerging below the waterfall with an arrow stuck in her back.

    Rakshasa Festival Walk by Devasena in final part:
    This was similar to the festival however the purpose was different as explained by the pandit in the movie. The walk was offering for Lord Shiva to bless with victory in the war. Hence the pandit says, “Whosoever completes the walk will win.” and asks to stop Devasena. This gets further affirmation when Mahendra offers his blood to Shivalinga (that was no accident) complementary to his mother’s prayers. We all know who Shiva blessed in the end, right?

    No info about Bhallaladeva’s Son, Family, Wife:
    Yes, I agree. This was a mystery as we never see Bhallaldeva’s wife. I think we can assume she may have died giving birth to their son.

    Why Devasena was Jailed and Tied in Steel Chains:
    Simple. Because it gave Bhallaldeva the satisfaction. She refused to marry him and chose Bahubali. She insulted him in front of all Darbaaris. She symbolises everything Bhallaldeva hates in a woman. He expected her to submit which he did not. Not before marriage and not after her husband’s death. So his way of getting back was to chain her and give her maximum pain and suffering. That gave him happiness as he explains after Mahendra takes her out of palace. Bhallaldeva comes back in the battle just to get her back.

    What Happened in Mahishmati after Killing of Shivagami:
    Also explained in the movie. Although he announced ‘Mahendra’ as king, everyone thought both of them to be dead after Bhallaldeva shot the arrow. So the same explanation would be given by Bhallaldeva to the people and he continued to rule. Even Katappa mentioned this to Bijjaldeva in the battle. This must have support from the council of ministers as it would be as per the rules. Plus he had the Mahishmati military under his command. (After killing off previous senapati by Bahubali’). That is how he could rule.

    Hope I have answered some questions here.


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