Kenstar Double Cool DX Air Cooler, Review

Air Cooler is one of the most required things these days with the increase in temperature everyday with global warming…here is my review on my Kenstar aircooler.

Q) How did you get introduced to Kenstar Double Cool DX ?

In this summer, we thought of buying an Air Cooler and I started enquiring about them with friends.  Many suggested that Kenstar is the best brand in the market. We were in a dilemma between Kenstar and Symphony. I and my father went to Bajaj Electronics, Punjagutta, Hyderabad and when asked for Air Coolers we were shown only few models that were available. There was lot of demand for Air Conditioners. Out of the available Air Coolers, many were from Kenstar. Most of them were ranging from 5000 Rs and above. We wanted to have a compact one and at the same time with more water capacity. Then we were introduced to Kenstar Double Cool DX cooler which looked good. I inquired with the sales boy, on which is the most sold item out of those models and he immediately showed this model. However we were little skeptical about the height of this cooler. We were again in a dilemma and wanted to check other models also.

Some of my friends directed us to Local Air Cooler manufacturers in Abids, behind GPO. After visiting that place only we witnessed on how easy it is to make a Air Cooler. The local brands are very cheap starting from 1000 Rs to 4000 Rs. Apart from the brand label they try to mimick the famous models but anyways these local pieces don’t look good. It is better for a businessmen for rough use but for personal purpose it is not recommended. Finally after some suvey, zeroed on Kenstar Double Cool Dx model and bought it in Krishna Nagar, Near Yousufguda shop, Hyderabad. We are quite satisfied with its performance.

Q) What do you like about Kenstar Double Cool DX ?

1) Unanimous word of mouth that Kenstar is the number one brand in Air Coolers
2) Quality of cool air is quite good.
3) The material looks reasonable.
4) Swing and switching over cool/hot air options
5) Capacity of over 40 liters
6) Price range is reasonable and affordable. Comes at and around 5000/6000 Rs based on bargaining.

Q) Do you want to suggest anything on Kenstar Double Cool DX ?

For some reason the Medium speed button didn’t work from beginning. Though there’s warranty we didn’t complain as we were fine with low and high speeds. May be such problems should be checked well. Not sure if it was because of some tampering in between.

Q) Any final words about Kenstar Double Cool DX ?

Out of enormous research I did on Air Coolers, I would definitely recommend Kenstar products if you are looking for an Air Cooler.


  1. anna krishna nagar busstop pakkana, appudu a cooler 5000rs unde dhi, konchem discount ippistava, nenu yousufuguda basti daggare untanu

    reply back to me

  2. Dear Bharat (Bharat Bindre),

    Information about your complaint number is still awaited from you. Please contact us on with the necessary details for any further assistance.

    Videocon Online Team

  3. Dear Bharat Bindre,

    We are sorry for the experience you had. Please write to us about your problem with your complaint ID at and we will put all our efforts in trying to help you out.

    Videocon Online Team

  4. It is not good and very very bad services. and I’m all customer to request please do not purchase to any product in KENSTAR

  5. When I go for cooler so many brands in market
    Completely I roam nearly 3 to 5 showrooms but the best product what I choose is kenstar..
    And the best I choose Double Cool DX model is complete satisfied with this cooler…
    I will give the 5 rating to this kenstar…
    Nice quality nice price I was fully recommend to customer kenstar double cool DX is very good
    Thanks to kenstar….team & showroom person..

  6. thanks., i had this same dinaama which one i had to go ., symphoney or kenstar., any way the review was soo use full for me., and what about the performace it almost 2yrs. what about now?

  7. Unbelievable. Is it my review? No some one else, but my experience with the person who wrote this is 100% matching with step to step. I did just what other did. Finally this cooler is my choice.


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