Kesineni Travels (Chittoor to Hyderabad) Review

Recently I was traveling to Chittoor and wanted to try Kesineni travel service for the first time. I have been observing loads of buses from this provider but never had a chance to travel in their bus. I booked VOLVO A/C  ticket from Chittoor to Hyderabad from and the bus fare was Rs 700/- definitely cannot say ‘ONLY’ but given the distance it SOUNDS reasonable. The boarding point I chose was S.R.Nagar. As the Boarding point address was little confusing because it was referring to the office opposite S.R.Nagar Bus Stop, which actually goes in the opposite direction of Chittoor. So I called the agent using the number on the ticket. He gave me the actual address which is near Umesh Chandra Statue , below Gouthami Degree College.

The reporting time was 9:45 but to be on safe side, I reached there by 9:25 PM. The little long office of Kesineni is decent enough and lot of free chairs were there to occupy. In this IPL fever, I had to sacrifice a match but was speculating that Kesineni’s office might be having a TV but unfortunately they didn’t put any Television. Slowly people started coming and by 10 PM there were many people around. The flow of private buses started and I was a bit scared that I might miss the bus and was cautious.

One very good thing at Kesineni is they put a unique number on each bus and the same is printed on the ticket. The Chittoor bus had VL134 as the number, which mean ‘Volvo’ I guess because for Non AC buses they ‘NAC’ prefix. I was eagerly waiting for my bus because there were many other travel buses coming in and going except our bus. At last at around 10:35 my bus came to the spot. I boarded and found to be having decent seats. The TV in the bus is small in size with another monitor in the middle of the bus. After dillydallying a lot ‘Konchem Istam Konchem Kastam’ movie was played. I watched it for a while and started falling asleep. Meanwhile the boy handed over a mineral water bottle to me, which is a free service given in Volvo/AC buses. One of my fellow passengers didn’t find his blanket and the staff were courteous enough to provide him one.

We reached Chittoor around 8 AM though the ticket said around 6:30 AM.On the whole it was definitely not a bad experience with Kesineni but can say an average one. The staff behavior was good enough.


  1. Kesineni Travels journey was a very nice experience. They provided biscuits, blanket and water. It was an AC bus with clean sheet and I could sleep peacefully

  2. Your service is worrest. our family traveled from kakinada to hyderabad today. it’s sleeper coach, no a/c and closed windows. situation very very bad. i thought it’s good name for kesineni but service is very very bad.

    PEOPLE DON’t prefer KESINENI TRAVELS. it’s worest service. they will kill passengers like anything.

    i called these numbers 9959111777, to change bus, they said we con’t help any more.

    they charged from kakinada to hyderabad sleeper coach 1200/- per ticket, but in bus there is no A/C and closed windows. kids they cry like anything. KESINENI means worset service.

  3. I booked a ticket from red bus ( Ticket No : TF9G87757955) for Hyrd to Goa with Kesineni Travels.
    As per the ticket I was given a landmark to wait for the bus and some contact numbers.
    On my travel date which is 5th Sep 2013 , I went to that given point (Haveli-8, Kondapur, Hyrd) before the reporting time and waited for the bus, but not able to see the bus even after waiting 40 mints. Unfortunately no one from Kesineni Travels picked the call and I kept on trying. After continuas trying I was able to contact one person who asked me to stand Near Tayota Showroom in Kondapur, Hyderabad.
    I also Called redbus but they were also unable to help.
    Then I receive a call from Kesineni (from the number 09700278833) and a person with very rough voice said to me we are leaving in 5 mints , if you want to go come to this point (which is 6-7 km away from the point where I was waiting).. Having no other choice I had to take a Auto to catch the bus. After boarding the bus I noticed that the seat handle was broken and the helper was completely drunk!!!
    My Question is why the bus did not come to the point written in the red bus ticket? When I asked them they lied to me that we came to that point,(which is false), moreover why you are leaving the point before giving a call to the passengers who are supposed to board from that particular point?
    It was such a harassment and how come travel operator can talk in that rough tone with their customers?
    Just because we give good rating to them and people are travelling through Kesineni Travels.

    I seriously expect an action against the rude Kesineni Employee who called me from the number 09700278833 on 5th sep at 7:34 pm


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