Movexx Plus Tablet Review

Whenever I suffer from fever, it is usually accompanied by body pains. Dr G.R.Murthy who is a renowned General Physician in Hyderabad, Punjagutta area prescribed me MovexxPlus Tablet for the first time some 5 to 6 years back and from then I have been a loyal customer to this awesome medicine (tablet).

It gives tremendous relief from body pains. If you take it at night and have a nap you can be assured that by next morning you will be relieved from all sorts of pains in the body. Some times I did try avoiding the tablet for fever like Crocin and took only Movexx Plus and it was interesting to see that the fever also got cured immediately. After all its the body pains that make you feverish.

I strongly recommend this tablet if your doctor has prescribed this to you. No need to have a second opinion. It is quite popular among medical stores also, because if you just take out its name its for sure that the store boy would be knowing about it. This is the tablet I always have some stock with me every time.


  1. Does it work for ear pain? My pharmacy person gave this tablet for my ear pain. I purchased four tablets. Pain is much better after consuming two tablets.


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