Ranbaxy Volini Spray Reivew

One of the most common things that we come across in our day to day life is back pain and muscle sprain.

Ranbaxy Volini Spray Review

How was I introduced to Ranbaxy Volini Spray ?

As you know, we all work hard at home for taking care of stuff at home. I get mild back pain whenever I work hard to take care of stuff at home. Also, whenever I lift heavy stuff, I get back pain. I used to use some ointments, but they were not giving me instant relief. Someone suggested that I should use Ranxbaxy Volini and I bought the spray to test it out. It is about Rs 115.

What are the good things about the Volini Spray by Ranbaxy ?

  • It gives instant relief. You just need to do couple of sprays and it will give you pain relief.
  • You do not have to rub like in a typical ointment scenario, it is just spray and goes into pores to give relief
  • In my cases, after I get any mild back pain or any muscle sprain due to heavy work, I use the Volini spray and I take rest for few hours and then the pain is gone. I feel good about it.
  • It is very helpful and gives instant relief to us when we are running around and gets some discomfort during the games and stuff.

Do you want to suggest anything on Ranbaxy Volini Spray ?

  • It is expensive, maybe the price can be brought down a little bit.
  • It is only instant pain reliever. It does not work for all sprains. The product can be enhanced to work for other sprains.
  • If it is available in much smaller versions like around the price of the normal ointment about Rs 30, many would buy it.

Overall, it is fine to use this spray as a way to get temporary relief from pain, when you are at home. If you see that your pain is not reduced after a day, then you better get going to see a doctor and get proper treatment.

What was your experience with the Volini Spray ?

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  1. Dr.Ortho spray is nice too and is ayurvedic in nature…volini has chemicals so can cause irritation in some patients.


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