Kirei Kirei Hand Soap Review – Foaming !

We just moved to a new house and the owner had left this Kirei Kirei hand soap at the wash basin, I was like..what kind of hand soap is this…Anyways, I tried using it and to my surprise, I started to like it. I have use many kinds of hand soaps ranging from Dettol to Lifebuoy and many other local branded hand soaps, but this one definitely is my favourite now.

What is so good about Kirei Kirei Hand Soap ?

Well the most differentiating thing about this hand soap is the foaming nature of the soap. Usually, when you use a hand soap, it is like thick soap and you need to put water to spread it across to hand and it takes time. you need to have the hand wet for that…but this Kirei Kirei hand soap does not need that. it is quite amazing with the foaming.

Also, I like the fragrance of the soap. Sometimes, the previous hand soaps does not smell good even if  I use strong curry and oily food, but with this hand soap, it smells so good and all the old grease is gone.

The funny thing is that, my wife has started to use it at places to clean specific areas of floor when the food is spilled by baby or even things that are made bad by baby.

I like the refilling concept to, you just need to get the extra soap liquid and then pour into the main bottle, no need to really buy the bottle again.  I have found this in Singapore and  Malaysia and in Japan. I am not sure, if they are available in other parts of the world.

The trick is in the cap of the hand soap container, it is the one that converts the soap liquid to foam and makes it look good.

What can be improved with Kirei Kirei hand soap ?

What would be good to get the liquid in large container for refill, I have only seen the smaller pouches for refill.

Also, I would love to see more flavours in the hand soap, currently I only see one flavour.

How was your experience wit the foaming hand soap ?

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