Singapore Airlines Headphones–New Earpods, Plug Type Review

I have been flying Singapore airlines for quite a few years now. I really like their service. One of the things that I always was not happy was the head phones that they give to watch movies or any other audio. It is not just the issue with the Singapore Airlines but the entire headset concept as it is not great.  Recently, in the last year or two, they have changed the traditional headphones and giving the new ear pods, which are nothing but ear phones and they are awesome.

How does the Singapore Airlines new Earphones look ? What the plug type ?

A picture describes 1000 words, so below is the image that I captured for the ear phones they give. You can see the plug type is pretty standard airline plug and no different. You can only use it in airlines, You can try to use it on other airlines, that’s the cool part.








What’s the good part of these ear pods or head phone that they are giving ?

They are pretty cheap earphones that are given, but the quality is great. The main reason is the rubber that is around the ear phones that seal the extra noise and the quality is good. I really see that these are much better than the older headphones.  One of the great things about these is that they just give it to us and we do not have to return them…so, you can use it anywhere…

What can be improved  with the headphones of Singapore Airlines ?

Well, it looks a little cheap, maybe they can do some sort of branding and make it slightly slick so that anyone can use. I guess, if they spend few cents that would be taken care…But, again it is about the cost, maybe they can try the new slick ones for long haul flights to start with for better value. What also helps is that if that is if they just have the plug detachable so that we can use it for computer or other laptops or iPods, it will be great !

What do you think ?

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