Starhub 1 GBps Fibre Broadband – What’s Reality ? Sales Tricks

We recently got up the Starhub 1 GBps fiber broadband installed and I can tell you, it is totally not what you expect…I have been using Starhub cable broadband for sometime nowStarhub Fiber Broadband 1 GBPs Review and mine was up for renewal..I just walked into store and the guy convinced me that I should go to broadband fiber as I will get 1 GBps and I will hardly pay extra 10 SGD per month. I am using SGD 39.90 Home hub plan, now it will be SGD 49.90 and I will get almost all of what I have now, except TV plans..which I said was ok. They really did not inform me of any cancellation charges, even if the service was not meeting expectations during installation…I was like, let me give it a shot and took it on.  Now comes the installation day and technician comes to install the fiber, he installs and tests the speed, I hardly get 120 MBps on my laptop in my other room and the max it goes it was to 160 MBps, if I am in same room in front of router in wireless. I was very unhappy and called the customer service, that I did not like the speed and I don’t want it…the person at customer service was not telling me what I should pay…she keeps repeating you will have to $234.50 SGD…that’s it, no explanation…I was trapped..even if I do not take the service, I will have to pay that money because I signed up.

What’s the reality  about 1 GBps ? How does it work ?

  • First thing you need to know is that there is NO 1 GBps, it is a big trick. They say it is only from the direct LAN cable that comes of the port and the funny thing is you cannot test…the guy who was installing gave me a dummy reason telling my network card is bad and that’s why slow…I later checked that my network card is 1 GBps, but it was not giving it…
  • He tried to show at some test server of Starhub that it was giving about 800 MBps, which was fraud…it was not giving the same for real servers that are not hosted by starhub.
  • The trick is that, even if the service does not work, you will still have to pay $234.50 for cancellation as they tell it is opennet fee…at least the technician told me that, that’s why I just took it as I am better off taking the plan and paying it rather cancelation.
  • The big trick is also with the router they give…it hardly gives a maximum of about 140 MBps and nothing more…so, they say that it is the router limitation, etc. the speed they say is only from raw LAN cable from the fiber port…tell me, who in the world directly connects to cable, unless you have a PC at work connected ?
  • They said they would do a call back to clarify, no one called, it has been over a week…it is so bad…

What can be improved by Starhub ?

  • I totally believe that customers are being cheated with wrong expectations with Starhub and they are not given any guidance on reality…the customer service teams are hopeless…no one really cares about the customer
  • Starhub need to be more candid about reality with customers and give some better service by training the service technicians.
  • I believe, it is a big scam to lure customers to buy the fiber….I recommend you be clear to customer and do not try to fool them with wrong expectations.

What was your experience with Starhub ?


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