KK Hospital for Women and Children Review – Singapore

We have been to KK hospital in Singapore with our little baby for about three times in emergency section in the last three times.  Below are our experiences.

Swallowing Button – Emergency : First time we went to KK Hospital  with suspicion that our little baby has swallowed a metal button and it would be a problem. As soon as we went  to the emergency, there was triage done and we were sent to see doctor right aways. The doctors were really nice. She tried to ask few questions and we were honest on what happened and then she ordered for an X-ray. They were very friendly and X-ray was done and nothing showed up in the X-ray. The doctor took time and tried other ways to check if something was still there, nothing was there….we were let go. Luckily, after a couple of days we found the button and we were relieved. They said that, if something is swallowed, it would come out or it will create something life vomiting or fever, etc…The good part was that all were included in the 103 SGD that we paid, nothing more than that. If we were to go to Raffles or anything like a private hospital, we would have been like spending a lot more money…

Emergency – Vomiting – Green Color :  The second time we went KK Hospital to the emergency  as well and my little one was in very bad shape, she was vomitting something in slight green color and we were worried. it was like 2 AM and we rushed to emergency, Triage was done and we were given a doctor immediately. The doctor asked and gave some fluids for dehydration and then gave medication…there were nurses and they were very nice too helped on giving the medicine to baby. Finally, she was vomiting a lot and they asked if we were okay to give it via rectum and we agreed, it was given and she was back in hour or so. They did some tests and nothing was charged more than that 103 SGD. All went well and she was back to good shape in couple hours and home by 6 AM. This time it was different doctor, but the treatment was good. I always thought the government hospitals were not good but this hospital always was good and we had great experience.

Fever 104 F – Emergency :  This time it was no different, we went for high fever and to KKH emergency, we got doctor right away.  First thing they did was to get the fever down. they gave the medicine and got the fever down. They did some urine test to see, if something was wrong and we waited for the result. Luckily nothing…All covered in 103 SGD. This time too we had different doctor and I was amazed by the thoroughness of the doctor of asking questions and speaking to US. overall, it was great experience and we were taken very good care.

Overall, in all my three experiences, I can tell you that the KK hospital was fantastic and does not do anything less as it is a Govt hospital. They treat very well for kids and at any time, good support and less fee too ! What was your experience ?

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