TTD Online Room Booking Availability – How to Check ?

Getting TTD Accommodation and Rooms can be very difficult, if you do not plan ahead of time.  You will need to check on the availability of the rooms at TTD in Tirumala or Tirupati from time to time to have an idea so that you can book when you have availability. Usually rooms are booked about 2 months in advance for peak days. So, how do you check the availability of the rooms, below are the details.  Also, you can read  Step by Step Guide on How to Book Rooms in TTD in Tirumala

Do you need Login Created for Checking availability fo the rooms in TTD in Tirumala or Tirupati ?

NO, you do not need any login to be created for checking the availability. But, it is good idea to create it, as it does not hurt.

How to check Availability of TTD Rooms or Accommodation online – Availability Chart ?

You have couple of ways of doing it. One is directly accessing the URL for the same or second is going by menu list.

  • Check directly  : Click on the TTD Rooms Availability URL  . You will see chart availability like Below. You can select the location and then the date. If green, it is available. If Red, it is not available TTD Rooms Availability Chart
  • Check from Menu  : Sometimes, you may not be able to check the TTD accommodation availability chart due to some security issues or bug, then you will need to go to menu and then click on the rooms or accommodation.  See below. You will see the details like above once you select this option. Check from Menu TTD Room Availability


  1. I am Vinothkumar I need a room for 4 members staying on April 2nd and 3rd. Can you please book a room for us. Mobile no : 07008933489.

  2. Hi,I am Usha srinivasa,I need a room for 5 members staying on February 20th morning. Can you please book a room for us. Mobile no ,9164273362.


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