Sanobar Lebanese Restaurant Singapore, Near Arab Street – Review

It always is fun to check out a new restaurant and try out new food. If you are a tourist in Singapore or living in Singapore for sometime, you must have heard that you should visit Arab Street. It is the most popular streets for tourists for getting Middle Eastern food and many other types like Italian and other types. Primarily the focus is on Lebanese and Italian I would say. We ended up check out few places menus and landed up at Sanobar Lebanese Restaurant. I have visited about 3 times as of now…Below are my experiences.

What is so Good about Sanobar Lebanese Restaurant in Singapore ?

  • Location beats everything…it is right in the middle of everything. It is at the intersection of all the major streets in the middle and you have usually someone playing music in front of you on the street…some great music. Also, there are a lot of people sitting in front of the local Malay place…It is so good to watch people around and bright atmosphere….Always find a place that is outside, it is fun !
  • Quality of Food : I would say some of the dishes are very good, while some are not that great.
    • We like the Spring Chicken and other chicken kabab that comes in two rolls ( forgot the exact name) it is on the page next to spring chicken. Really the best chicken.
    • The Biryani rices that comes with the dishes is great.
    • Chicken Shawarma was not the best, it was dry and not good..Pita bread was not good
  • If you find the owner, you should ask him, he does a good job.
  • Our experience was good twice and once was bad…food was not good..

What can be improved ?

  • The prices are slightly on the higher side due to the location, but other Lebanese restaurants are more expensive even, so I would say, if they can reduce price, it can be great.
  • The chicken shawarma really sucks, it can be wet and juicy, the one I always got was dry…something has to be done here.
  • The service can be improved slightly. If you get the owner, he is good, if not, not so great.

overall, I suggest you can definitely give it a try due to the location and some decent dishes.

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