KnownHost – Website Hosting Provider Review 2017

We have started few websites over 7 years ago and had less traffic in the beginning and were using shared host BlueHost, then we tried, we could not really get the performance, up time and value for what we paid and what we got. Also, I was really tired of moving hosts. I was looking for a good provider, reliable provider, but not too big like AWS so that we do not get enough attention and not too small, who would close the shop… One of my friends recommended KnownHost and from then onwards, it has been a great journey.

Skeptical about No Phone Line  to call ?

Frankly, at first I was very skeptical about the Knownhost service because there was no phone line support and everything was via email. I was thinking in my mind that, what if my site goes down and I do not get response on time via email. I took the risk, when we were small and moved to KnownHost, but we have not had such issue of delayed response, when we had site down situations. The response is under 3 minutes !

How is the typical response time and How are tickets handled by Knownhost ?

The support staff are on their toes, they pick up the ticket and respond almost immediately. Sometimes, less than a minute is the response time. You will get clear info as well on how the issue was solved. They also have rating system now. In the past, it was not there…now with the new system, it is nice. you can appreciate the good work. ¬†Usually the support staff will help you anything with cPanel, DNS, WHM or anything related to server. If you see something wrong, you just raise a ticket and it will be solved.

How is the up time with KnownHost ?

I have up time on the lines of 99.995% or higher. I only recall one outage in 7 years, when there was some issue with Data Center. They refunded the money as well for that. Besides that one to two hour outage, no issue whatsoever. I highly recommend their service.

What was your experience with KnownHost ?


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