UberPOOL Review Singapore & Coupon Code

I have been living in Singapore for the past 4 years and I can tell you that nothing is better than Uber’s entry into Singapore market for transportation…I used to wait in long lines for Taxi and if it rains, it was a disaster getting a taxi. I have long been using Uber since it launched in Singapore and check out my Uber Singapore Experience .

How is UberPool in Singapore ? 

When UberPool was launched, I was very skeptical to use it…but what triggered me to the use that is the option of not having Taxi when it rained and the price of taxi was quite high. At first the experience was good.  Singapore is quite a safe place and I was fine to share the car with someone as it is considered safe. A trip from Bedok to City would cost almost 14 dollars in UberPool. With the drop in prices, I have started to take it more often now.  It takes about 40 min to go from Bedok to City. Usually, the time it takes with UberPool is about 12 to 15 minutes more than regular time. If I take Uber, it takes about 22 min and with UberPool, it can be anywhere about 37 to 40 min. If you get lucky, it will be even shorter time.

What is good about UberPool in Singapore ?

  • It is Safe, as there is little safety issues here.
  • People do their own thing and it is never an issue to travel with others.
  • It saves about 25% of the cost of the normal fair, if you can wait 10 min more.
  • There have been lot of promotions in the recent times.

What is NOT so good lately with UberPool ?

I have lately seen that they are doing about 3 pick ups instead of just 2 two pickups. What it means is that they will stop at 2 more places to pick people besides your pickup. This takes up a lot of time and can be very bad. I had bad experiences with this. I do not know if they plan to continue it or not.

Overall, I think it is better to share the cab with someone and save some money.

Coupon Code for UberPool Singapore ?

You can use the Coupon Code satheeshk2102ue and get discount of about two $8 rides or one $10 ride, if you are first timer trying to use Coupon.

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