oBike – Bike Rental Singapore Review, Free Coupon Code

Recently, as I walked along Bedok Reservoir Park, I realized there were like many bicycles painted with Yellow and said oBike, it had QR Code, etc and I wanted to try it out. I read the instructions and soon downloaded the app and signed up. Below is my experience.

oBike – Bicycle  Rental Singapore Review. 

  • The sign up process was very seamless. The App is fantastic, it is really nice, it shows the nearby bikes around your area and all you need to do is tap on the bike and then say route. It will give you the directions to that place
  • It also shows the availability of the bike, it will say like free for 15 min and gives you an option to reserve it on the screen, if you want it.
  • The app has great features, it tracks your track taken on GPS and tells the distance and calories, which is nice.
  • You can also look at the history too, it is cool to see how many rides you have taken.

How does it work with Unlocking, Locking, etc. ?

  • When you try to reserve for the first time, it will ask you to pay a deposit fee of $49, which is fair to ask as backup. I used PayPal and paid it, just to avoid any future issues.  In any case, you can also any other credit card payment options to pay for the deposit.  You can technically get the deposit back, if you do not plan to use their service. You will have to email them though.
  • On the bike there is QR code that you can scan or you can enter the bike number manually, if there is no light. You will need to have the Bluetooth of your phone on, so that the bike will be unlocked once you scan it.
  • Then you have something called Wallet, where you load money into, either it can be a dollar or more. Once you have it in your wallet, you can use the same.
  • If it is free ride, then you can ride just with the deposit.
  • Once you are done with your ride, just lock using the lever and make sure your phone bluetooth is on, then it will be updated. Just make sure it ends the trip too. It will show the summary of the trip too.

Are there any oBike free rides ?

  • I use it a lot, if you take any ride less than 15 min, then you get it for free. The trick is that, you can only have one or two free 15 min rides in a day, then it will be charged as 50 cents for 15 min.  I did the math to commute from nearby block in Bus and it will cost me 87 cents, so this was definitely cheaper.
  • Also, you can ride for free on Weekends on oBike. There are also some promotions.

oBike Free Coupon Code ?

Click this link to signup and get 3 free rides. In case you are having issues, you can use the free ride code  : 62233945z0 at 

What has been your experience with oBike in Singapore ?


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