Maharaja Chat Bhandar, Madhapur – Review


* I first heard the name of this Chat Center from one of my friends, who was going ga ga over the taste of the Pani Puri over here. I inquired with him about the location of it and wanted to try it immediately.

* It is situated near Madhapur Police Station. If you are coming from Hitech City you need to take second left after Police Station (there is a bus stop) and then first left. You need to reach the dead end of that road. You can take the road of Talwalkers gym but the first option is better.

Earlier this chat center used to be located at the Y shaped road just at the second left from Police Station. I used to wonder at the brilliance of these guys in choosing such a comfortable and ideal place. Anyways it looks like the craze of Maha raja has turned against them and forced them to move out of the earlier landmark location. However the current location is also interesting, as there’s lot of space for car parkings.

* Maharaja Chat Bhandar is the most frequented places for urban youth. Many people come in cars, order items and take in/outside their vehicles. Many notable personalities like film celebrities, TV Anchors are regular customers. I have seen Music Director RP Patnaik, Anchor Pradeep and many TV and Film celebrities.


* The quick service and the way the staff functions is impressive. The founders are very active people and do their best to satisfy customers. They also talk and treat customers politely. I guess more than taste it is this behaviour and the quality of chat items that are responsible for their stupendous success. Many customers take their phone numbers and give bulk orders.

* I didn’t try many items here but my most favorite item is ‘Dahi Puri’. Its probably the quickest item that you can get . I’m also a staunch admirer of its taste.

* The use and throw plates, tissues, cool drinks come in handy while taking the items there itself.

* The premises are clean and well managed. The main concern with Pani Puri centers is about the water and the items they use and here the quality is impressive.


* Though many people like the taste of Pani Puri over here, I didn’t feel it to be great enough and it was just average. Some of my friends also opined the same. Some didn’t like serving Pani Puri as a hot item.

* The items are slightly over priced. For Dahi Puri they charge Rs 30 and Pani Puri I think it is now Rs 20 for 8 pieces. However when compared to the stalls in Shopping Malls the rates are reasonable.


On the whole, Maharaja chat bhandar is quite different from regular chat centers that we see. It serves clean, good to taste chat items and people wouldn’t ask for more better services but  for more items from them. Highly recommended !

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