Source Code (2011) – Movie Milli Review

An amazing concept of a new invention ‘Source Code’ which can be used to track past and effect future. A train blast happens in Chicago and inorder to avoid the subsequent blasts, the Officials try to use ‘Source Code’, a unique and complex invention about the theory that memory of brain retains for last 8 minutes around the death of a person.

The Officials choose the Hero as the person for mission who in fact is a soldier, dead fighting over helicopter with his team in Afghanistan. They plant him in the place of a passenger in the train who just died along with many people in the bomb blast. They use Hero in this way to find out the bomber to avoid further bombings. They do this by putting him in 8 minutes slot,  before the blast multiple times struggling to convince him with his mission and personal worries.

Finally hero finishes the mission and also dazzles the creators by going once last time again in source code and prove them that Source Code is much much more powerful than they themselves ever believed and demonstrates that it can change the world also.

The tale is told in an engrossing way, with things getting unfolded one by one. It is a brilliant concept which looks stylish and slick, yet shot in a very limited budget, with hardly an office and a train journey.

Kudos the creator. Must watch !

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