Minerva Coffee Shop – Restaurant – Ameerpet, Hyderabad Review

I have been visiting Ameerpet for quite some time now and I used to work there for quite some time as well. Finding a good lunch place is always a challenge, if you want to have food outside of office, other than small shops on the street. If you want to sit and have a proper meal, the choices can be little at times. Anyways, I used to go to Minerva Coffee shop / Restaurant in Ameerpet for lunch every alternate afternoons. Let me share my review.

What are the Good things of this Restaurant or Coffee shop ?

  • The Minerva restaurant is Air conditioned. It is always required, otherwise with the sun you will be technically fried !
  • The options for vegetarian are vast.
  • I like the Lunch Meal set, that often called as ‘South Indian Thali ‘ , it comes with Pooris and set of dishes in a large plat with cups
  • The proximity of the place is good for anything. It is close to the Maitri Vanam office

Where is it located ?

It is located across the street of Aditya Trade Center on the second floor. It is behind the HUDA Maitrivanam complex.  If you want address, here it is :

Plot no:3, Regency plaza,
Behind HUDA, Mythrivanam,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad

What can be changed in the Restaurant ?

  • The service is not that great. I would prefer to have better service. I always had to wait for service. Minverva is a great brand and I wish they focus on service
  • The cleanliness is not that great these days. They really need to focus on the ambience, it is way different from the one in Jublie Hills. Ambiance has to be changed
  • I feel that the quality of food is also not up to mark lately. ¬†Especially during lunch time, I feel that the quality is reduced. Maybe that can be improved.

Overall, I think it is an Ok place to visit. Not the best place in the world, but if you are vegetarian, you may like it.


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