Yax Tailors, Ameerpet, Hyderabad – Review

I’m a tall and lean person, so finding ready made formals has been a problem for me, since teenage. The tailors I had tried for custom stitching also could not serve my purpose. At-least couple of pairs were spoiled by some pathetic tailors. Finally my search ended when one of my colleagues recommended Yax Tailors, Ameerpet, Hyderabad. From then on, although I shifted to Bangalore, still I manage to get my clothes stitched by Yax.

– Top notch quality: I still remember my first visit to this shop at Ameerpet Cross Roads. For the shirts, they usually take the measurements with the person visiting the place. But for the pants, they mandate that the person should come in any other formal pant. I was in jeans then and the owner didn’t agree to take measurements, citing the reason that unless they have a view of a formal pant for the person, they can’t determine their measurements. I had to re-visit the place as per their norms but was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their delivery. It was beyond my expectations. They manage to prepare garments that will suit the person to a tee.

For my marriage, most of my clothes were stitched by them. For a suit as well, I searched many famous showrooms like Raymonds etc but finally came back to them. They also sell cloth pieces and I got my suit done by them at a very reasonable price. It had cost me around 7k-8k in 2011.

– Amazing management: The younger owner (elder son of the owner) is one of the most spectacular businessmen I’ve ever seen in my life. The way he handles customers and workers is extra ordinary. He receives every customer very well, irrespective of how busy he is. Every customer is greeted and requested to wait for their turn. They don’t rush up seeing the no. of people awaiting and give due attention to the current customer. I’ve also observed how well this guy manages his staff. Once a staff member (tailor) committed a mistake and the owner gave a great lecture, without hurting him much at the same time coaching him how important it is to avoid mistakes. They are already quite rich but don’t show off and still offer the best service to every customer.

For regular customers, they also provide slight discount on request.

– Prompt delivery: This shop is quite busy and at any time period of the year, they would have hand full of commitments. Still they deliver by the day they promise. They also follow strict timings of their shop. Sunday is a holiday.

– Earlier measurements: They seem to have a unique/proprietary format for taking down measurements. If you are frequently visiting the place and feel that measurements haven’t changed much, then you can submit earlier slip and they ensure that the new piece is also delivered with exactly the same measurements.

– Excellent advice: When in doubt about things like style of stitching, what suits you …etc you can blindly take advise of the owner. He gave perfect advises for me when I was in dilemma. He reads people very well.

Note: It seems they don’t have any other branches apart from their shop (Ameerpet Cross Road. It is by itself a landmark over there). So beware of other shops with the same name.

Low lights:
– High Price: In last few years, I could see steep increase in their charges.  I think now the charges are around Rs 700 for a pair (shirt + pant).
– The cloth piece store is not on par with their stitching expertise. Its ok and occasionally you find interesting and good pieces. Even for shopping cloth piece, take the advise of the owner, he will direct you well.

Final words:
You are doing a fab job. Please continue the shop for ever, as I can’t dare to try any other option when I have the best one (Yax).

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