Mobike Singapore Review & Coupon – Bicycle Rental, Sharing !

Today, I got down at MRT and was thinking should I take Bus or try using the Bike options now in Singapore. I currently use oBike for bike sharing, read OBike Singapore Review – Free Coupon Code  , but I could not find one at the MRT bike stand. I ended up looking for other options like OFO or Mobike. Luckily, there was Mobike and I tried the signup process.

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Sign-up Process for Mobike Singapore : 

Good part is you only need phone number and the pin that is sent to phone umber.  But, it was rather buggy, I had issues. Firstly, I could not find the right app as it said something in Chinese and I was not sure, if it was the app. Also, the logo look shady. Anyways,  use this  link to download Mobike from iOS Store and  Mobike Android Store 

I got that “Phone number was not valid”, secondly I tried submitting using some random number and it said the code was invalid and then asked to re-send the verification code.  I quit the app and tried again, then it worked.

Now after that, you need to add payment options for the deposit. It is $49 SGD and you will need a proper credit or debit card for the same. You cannot use PayPal or other options like in OBike. I ended up entering my debit card and it also had issues, it said that the card was invalid or it could not process some error. I tried it two times, quit the app and tried again, and it saved.  It was buggy. Basically it saved and then you need to add credits by charging like $5 SGD or more to use the service or you can sign-up using the coupon mobikesgfree to get free credits. 

How does it work ? How is the Mobike Experience ? 

It works like OBike, all you need to do is open the app and then scan the QR code using the app. There is an unlock icon on the app, that you should use to scan the QR code. You can also find the available bikes on the map and reserve as needed. Anyways, the bike will unlock once the scan is complete.

The quality of Mobike Bicycles is much better than OBike. I felt the drive was great, better bike quality. I liked the overall ride, the bike quality is better, so ride is smooth.  It is definitely better than OBike.

After you are done, all you need to do is just lock the bike using the level on the bike lock and then you will be good to exit. Make sure you park in right places or else you will be penalized. You need to maintain good credits over 80 to be eligible for good price. So do not park anywhere where it is not allowed.

When you ride it will capture the route, calories, distance, etc. The big trick is that you need to have your phone and app turned on, if not the tracking is not done. I was drained with battery, so turned off, so it did not track my route. You do not need to have the app on to return the bike, just need to lock using the lock lever, it will be released from your account.

What is the Mobike Coupon Code ?

I really searched a lot to get free coupon and had a hard time. But, I have saved time for you guys, here is the free coupon, it is  mobikesgfree

What has been your experience with mobike ?

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