Odyssey Bus Singapore (SG) to Kuala Lumpur ( KL) Review, Contact

After looking at the expensive flight tickets and the limitations on the baggage in budget airlines, we have been taking bus to travel from Singapore (SG) to Kuala Lumpur ( KL).  We have taken KKKL Bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur for one way, but in return, we wanted to come from Mont Kiara to Singapore, we realized that Odyssey does the pickup from Mont Kiara in KL and ended up booking tickets.   Overall I have taken about 5 trips in various Odyssesy coaches. Let me share my experience with booking tickets to bus journey.

Booking Tickets :  You have two options either to use busonlineticket.com to book tickets or the Odyssesy website. I tried the busonlineticket.com and the sad part was, you cannot select tickets like you do for KKKL or other buses..so, I reverted back to their website http://www.odysseynow.com.my/ and booked tickets there. It was very straightforward and worked well.  The only catch is that, you may NOT get a confirmation via email, so I suggest that you print the confirmation page or save as PDF after you buy the ticket. I called them to check and they confirmed it.

What are the good things about Odyssey Bus Service or Coach  ?

I have taken Odyssey from SG to KL and also from KL to SG. The experience is consistent.

  • The quality of the seats is quite good. They have similar to leather based seats which are great and comfortable.
  • The biggest fun part is the on board entertainment on coach.  They have about 15 to 20 of  English movies, Animation, Local Malaysian movies, Chinese Movies and Games. It is almost like of the Flight entertainment, but less collection. I have watched like two movies
  • The quality of the coach like ambience, internal stuff is all great.
  • The bus has fixed drop and pick points and there is always no confusion on where to go.
  • The bus is on time for most of the time. I have not seen it delayed in 5 trips, so quite reliable.  The driver is also reasonably good in counting and making sure all are in at immigration.
  • They provide a bottle of water.

How much does it cost for SG to KL and KL to SG ?

They used to give food before and the ticket was 50 SGD for both sides. Now the fee is reduced to 35 SGD for SG to KL  and there is no food given though. For KL- SG the fee is about 60 RM for each person.  There is only driver and no other person now.

What are the things that can be improved ?

  • It says that there is on-board Wi-Fi, but never worked in all my trips. I had a hard time to have it work.
  • They used to give food, but no food now…they can give food like before by increasing the price by 5 to 10 RM because from KL to SG, there is no restaurant or food option to have dinner for 7 PM bus.
  • I somehow felt that the seats are conjusted and there was more space in KKKL, but I guess that is because the seats are padded more with leather seats…
  • It would be good to get a confirmation email after buying the ticket…currently, it is very weird, no confirmation.

Contact Info : I called the Malaysia Number to confirm the ticket as SG was not picking up the call.

  • Malaysia +60 1300 888 121 or +60 03-62011539
  • Singapore + 65 62528366

Overall it has been a great experience and I recommend anyone to use Odyssey for bus service from SG to KL or KL to SG.   What has been your experience ? Share your thoughts.

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