Prakruthivanam Traditional Shampoo Review

Shampoo is one of the things that we use on a day to day basis. Most of us use Clinic all clear, Clinic Plus or Pantene. I cannot even count how many shampoos that I have usePrakruthivanam Shampoo Review d so far. Anyways, recently my cousin suggested that we try this new traditional shampoo called Prakruthivanam. I was like, the name sounds ok, but the bottle looks different. Anyways we ended up trying it and we started to love it. Below is my experience

What are the great things about Prakruthivanam Shampoo :

  • It is quite natural shampoo.
  • The look of it from a bottle standpoint does not look great…but it is like do not judge the quality of a book by its cover…same applies here… The company is small and run by a small size set of folks, so they did not really focus on the aesthetics of the bottle.  The quality of the shampoo is quite good.
  • It does not have any of the fancy ingredients that make up the normal shampoos that give too much froth and color of white…that’s all the detergent in normal shampoos…This shampoo is quite natural and does not give too much froth, it feels like having head bath with the natural shikakai and other nuts that are used for head bath.
  • Today’s many of the soap based shampoos are aimed at giving more froth and less burning to eyes with fancy fragrance…this is completely different in this shampoo’s case…it is natural and does not give the fancy fragrance…it does burn a little if it goes to eyes as it is natural.
  • I personally felt that I was taking head bath with Shikakai powder along with some natural nuts used for head bath…the smell also feels the same…
  • The hair fall reduced by a big factor for both me and my wife…the market based fancy shampoos are detergent and they cause lot of hair fall…this shampoo is totally unlike the ones in market…
  • I gave it a shot and we ended up buying about 10 bottles.  The problem is finding it in all stores… we managed to pick up some..
  • it is quite reasonably priced about  Rs 99. We got it for about Rs. 90

What can be improved in the Prakruthivanam Shampoo ?

  • The shampoo bottle appearance can definitely can be improved for the same price they are spending…
  • The smell maybe can be changed a little by putting some tulsi or any natural ones that gives better smell…but, it should not impact the shampoo quality.
  • Bigger size bottles will be be of great help too.
  • If they are available in more places, it will be even better.

What was your experience with the shampoo ?

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