Uber Singapore Review & Promo Codes

Four years ago, when I stUber Singapore Review Promo Codearted to travel to Singapore, I used to be really frustrated with the taxi options. The Comfort Delgro and SMRT Apps used to suck, there were less options. Now, in the last couple years, with the launch of Uber and Grab Taxi, things have changed dramatically.  Let me share my experience with Uber.

Uber in Singapore – Whats the good part now-a-days  ?

Uber has picked up dramatically in the last 6 months or so. Now-a-days, I use Uber for everything. Previously I used to not get Uber taxis when I try for them. With the addition of many drivers and the adoption by end users, Uber is available all the time. I use to return from pubs at 3 AM and I use it to return from Airport at 4 AM. Anytime of the day or night, I am able to get Uber.  Below are some of the good parts of using Uber

  • Uber Taxis are always available and easy to get one, when Taxi apps fail to get me one
  • During the peak hours and after 6 PM, the option to use Uber is cheaper as it does not do the extra charge. This is one of the key reasons I use Uber.
  • When you go to Airport also, the surcharge is very less and easy to get a Uber than taxi when it is crowded.
  • The drivers are pretty good and I probably had 99% better experience than any other service. The drivers are not regular Taxi Drivers, they are not arrogant and old fashioned, and very friendly.  Remember, these are the guys who do these part time.
  • The cars are reasonably clean and as good as you want it…some are really good Taxis, for the most part, you get clean taxis.
  • I have used Uber Taxi in Malaysia like KL, JB and Penang as well, the experience is pretty seamless…I would say Uber Taxi drivers in Singapore are slightly more courteous….
  • Uber also has the option to have multiple credit cards and cash now. I try to use Office card for office trips and use personal card for personal trips

I use the same Uber app even if I am in Bangkok or India or anywhere in the world, it is quite convenient…

What can be improved with Uber in Singapore ?

  • One of the things I noticed is that, lately Uber is trying the demand based pricing a lot, telling that Taxis are not available and asking to pay 1.6x, etc….I think it is not fair. I see a lot of taxis around on the map, but the price is very high like 1.8x…I believe, Uber is trying to milk as much as they can at time…Again, this is my experience lately….it used to be less before….
  • I see that the billing is in USD and there is an additional charge that I see in my Singapore Bank account Debit card saying for the conversions…This is not good, I do not see this as part of the bill. somehow this has to be fixed. It is few cents, but not good.

Overall, Uber is decent and I would prefer it any day over standard taxi apps in Singapore…

What is the Uber Singapore Promo Code ?

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What has been your experience ? Share your thoughts and Promo Code for Uber.