How to book TTD Tirumala Darshan Tickets Online – Guide

It always amazes me how many hours we keep standing in the line and waiting in the large halls in Q Complex around Vaikuntam in Tirumala…we realized that booking 300 Rupees ticket in Tirumala did not help much, so we ended up trying the online way. All I can tell you is that the experience is Amazing. We hardly stayed in the waiting halls, the line kept moving…the darshan was done in about 1 hour or so…I am quite happy with the experience as we can buy additional laddus online as well…so it was seamless. In this article, let me share the experience of booking TTD Darshan tickets online. Many call Tirumala as Tirupati…so, this guide will those people who are thinking about booking Tirupati Darshan tickets online as well Smile

Documents Needed for Booking TTD Darshan Ticket Online
Before you book, you need to have the below documents and information at your disposal for seamless booking experience without any issues.

  • Your digital Photo. You will have to upload this while booking.  The primary person who is booking the darshan tickets online.
  • Identify Proof Scan copy or details of Identity. At least one of the below are required.
    • PAN Card
    • Aadhar Card
    • Passport
    • Voter ID
  • You need the list of people who will go along with you and their full names with their identity proof document details. They can use any of the above listed options like PAN card, Aadhar Card,  Passport or Voter ID.
  • Payment option details like Netbanking, Credit Card or Debit Card details for payment.

The below guide is for Old Online System. TTD has new Website and Online System from 2016. Read  New Guide to Book TTD Online Darshan Tickets 

Step by Step Guide to Book Tirumla Darshan Tickets Online using TTD Website :

  1. Go to TTD Online Website
  2. Check for Availability at TTD Online Website on which day you want to book. You will see a big grid with green and reds. Green means available, red means not available… once you have that in mind, you can commence the booking process.
  3. Before you can book, you need to create an account for yourself. On the home page, you will see the login box. You need to select Signup option. TTD Online Ticket Login ScreenSee image show here.
  4. After you click on sign up option, you will have to register your account. You need to enter name, address and select ID proof that you plan to use. You will need to upload your photo here. The photo has to be small in size maximum of 1 MB allowed. You can use any online options to compress the photo.  Make sure you enter a valid India mobile phone number as you will get notifications on this mobile.
  5. You will get email from with subject line “TTD – User Account Activation ” asking you to activate the account. You need to activate it for booking tickets.
  6. After you activate, you can login from the home page using the email ID and password.
  7. Once you login, you will have to select e-entry darshan as shown below: TTD Online Darshan Ticket Option to select
  8. Once you select that you will have option to select various options like the number of people coming with you and additional laddus if any.  See the highlighted arrows below on what you can do. Once you select the date, it will show the available timeslots and the cost, with slots available.  You need to click on the check box to select a slot and then hit Continue button for next steps. Tirupati Tirumala Online Darshan Selection Options
  9. On the next page, you will need to enter the details of the other people coming along with you as piligrims. Here is where you will need the IDs of the people. You need to enter those details and see, if your details are correct.  You need check the top to verify if the details are correct.  See below how they look Tirupati Tirumala Online Darshan Other Piligrims Details Tirupati Tirumala Online Darshan Summary page Details
  10. Once you enter the details, you will be asked to agree to terms and click on proceed to payment. This is where you have option to book using two of the services like Andhra Bank or ICICI bank. Either is fine. You do NOT need to have an account in either of these banks, they are just payment Gateways, do NOT be worried. I used a credit card once and then used net banking of HDFC. Tirupati Tirumala Online Darshan Payment Options ICICI and Andhra Bank
  11. Once you hit pay, you will be redirected to the bank site with options. If you use Andhra bank payment gateway it looks like below. You can see all the options.  Once you pay, and it is confirmed, you will see the confirmation. You need to print it out after the confirmation is done.   Tirupati Tirumala Online Darshan Payment Options with Bill Desk and Visa Net Banking
  12. Thats about it folks. You can print it or if you forget you will have to login again and go to booking history and print it. I suggest you take a PDF print and save it as it is safe. Thats what I do always and it works well.

Some Key things to remember

  • An Individual person can book upto 6 tickets at at time.
  • You can only book 60 days before the actual darshan. The slots will NOT open before 60 days, so you cannot plan much ahead of time.
  • The page gives a time out error after every 10 min or 15 min, so be careful and enter details fast. It does not save the details of your fellow pilgrims.
  • No cancellation or refund of tickets, once paid and printed, it is done !

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What has been your experience folks ? Do share your experience. I had many challenges with this, so taking time to write a detailed post.



  1. Hello, We booked 4 tickets for darshan. For me, there is surname mismatch in ID proof and Darshan ticket. But the ID proof number is correct. Is it fine?

  2. Sir ., I have bought a ticket at 17:00., so at what time I have to stand in que ., is it ok if I stand earlier or can I stand after the given time . And don’t you think that different time slots will be combined. ?

  3. Hello sir, we plan to October 17th darshan, but still oct month slot is not open, pls inform when its open…. By Kavitha Raghavan

  4. Hi we are total 11 people going for Tirupati Darshan

    Out of 11 ; 9 have tickets can 2 people get tickets there at Tirupati

  5. I have booked for 5 people.3 of them won’t be able to come.shall I bring other 2 people instead of that possible?

    • My sister had booked Archana seva on 22-04-2008 the scheduled Seva is on 11-07-2017 and SL no is 1134967. Her mother in-law expired, she is unable to come, can we come please inform us or is it possible to postpone the scheduled date. Kindly inform us.

  6. Hello i am belong to m.p and i will reach at 10:00 pm on 28april17 and my return ticket is 29 april 17 at 11:00pm. The normal darshan line takes about 18hrs for darshan and i am not aware for special entry darshan So is there any other way to book online tickets like post office etc. for darshan.


    • You can take print out in Tirumala. We did it there. Check before kalyana katta, there is a big complex, there on top floor, they have internet and printing options.

  7. Hi. We booked 11 tickets for darshan. For my uncle there is surname mismatch in ID proof and Darshan ticket. But the ID proof number is correct. Is it fine?

    • Sir,
      I have net banking only SBI>. Is it possible to pay the amount for online booking? But I have seen Federal Bank, HDFC Bank and Axis Bank. Please answer me

  8. How to make payment for Darshan tickets as said in Ttd notification not share any card details like card no. Cvv or any like that becoz Ttd never asks these details

  9. we3 booked online dharshan ticket for 23/03/17 .but for 1 person id card is not with can we take any other photo id like pan card,driving licence passport instead of voter id which we put while online booking?is it acceptable? if problem comes what to do?

  10. why cancellation is not possible after booking. what id a person is in a situation of going to tirumala but booked tickets long back

  11. Sir, we are planning to visit Tirumala in May 2017. When will the slot for Kalyanam will be opened and how many tickets can a person book for the same day for other married family members.

  12. We forgot to take print out of the darshan ticket. Are there any chances of taking a p4int out in tirumala? Are there any printout shops available in tirumala?

  13. in. my family. under my uncles adhar he
    booked 4 members . but now he is not coming to. temple.. does. they allow. us for dharisnam in Tirupati

  14. If a child is going below 10 years and below 15 years with out proof..

    what they hav to do ? anyway to buk a ticket with out id proof or atleast with college/School ID card?

    Plese help


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