The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) – Movie Milli Review

Whats the Story ?

After losing the war against Japanese, a British Batallion becomes their prisoners. The Strict Japanese Commander, Saito has a mission to finish, construct a Bridge on the river Kwai using these Britishers, with in a tight schedule. The whole British Batallion is uninterested over this. Saito tries to use his power to push British soldiers to finish the work well in time but a difference of opinion with British Commander starts a rift, punishes him and the construction goes haywire. British Commander doesn’t give up on his principles and finally Saito comes in agreement with him.

British Commander agrees to take up the mission and orders his troop and convinces them to prove the ability of Britishers that they could construct marvels. Some of his members do not understand why they should work for their enemy in positive spirit but they believe in the Commander.

On the other hand, one of the Britishers successfully escapes from the area and when reaches his troops, the officials decide to bomb the Bridge to weaken the opposition. They have no clue that British Commander is infact building it in positive spirit.

Finally a total mishap leads to the death of all key people and the bridge also gets destroyed proving that the madness among the two sides has indeed resulted in nothing.

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