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One of the biggest challenges in Tirumala, when you go for darshan is to have proper accommodation . As you know, all of the rooms and accommodation is owned by TTD in Tirumala and you have only one option…either stand in line and get a room or try to book it online.  Most of the times, people try to go through the route of relatives, knowing someone at an office to get the rooms in Tirumala, but the best alternative is to book them online. We have used it in the past and works like a charm, the only thing you need to do is planning at ahead of time. it is always easy to get darshan tickets online, but the accommodation can be very scarce and limited.  Let me describe the process.

What are the options for Rooms in Tirumala by TTD ? How about Tirupati ?

You can book for rooms in Tirupati or Tirumala, the online website gives you options for the same.  You can check the availability as described at  How to check  TTD Rooms Availability .  Also, you use the click the direct  TTD Rooms Availability URL  . You will see chart availability like Below. You can select the location and then the date. If green, it is available. If Red, it is not available. You can change the location to see different options.
TTD Rooms Availability Chart

How to book the Rooms Online using TTD Website ?
Below are the various steps to book rooms. Follow them in sequence.

  • Create Your Account on TTD Website : You need to first create an account  and then login using that account.Read the article on the process of creating account at :  How to book TTD Darshan Tickets online , once you have the account you should use it to login. You need verify your phone number, email, etc and activate your account .
  • Login and Check Availability : After you login, you can click on accommodation which is ion the main page or from the menu. As you see below.

Select Accomodation on the TTD Dashboard for Room Booking

  • Select the Right Room and Location : There are various choices here like One room with AC, without AC, with 2 beds, etc. Also the price is next to the same on how much it will cost. You cannot select something that does not have any availability.  The big trick is that you can only book rooms 60 days in advance…so, just look and plan for it. Below screenshot totally explains the various options with arrows. 
    • You will be asked to select the location, date,  and number of people. See below screenshot with steps number you will need to do in order.
    • It will show Green, if the rooms are available and it will also show how many rooms are available in that category. There are a wide range of rooms ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 1500.
    • If the color of the date is red, that means that rooms are not available for that dates.  if green, then you can book rooms. On some days only some rooms are available, some are not because they may be overbooked.   If blue color for a date means, that rooms are not released for those dates.
    • Depending on what time you will check-in into the room, you will need to select that slot. One is from early morning from 12 AM ( after midnight ) to 12 NOON and Second Slot is from 12 Noon to 12 Mid Night.
    • You can book for a maximum of 6 people. One key note, one person cannot get a room !
    • You can only book room for ONE DAY only. You cannot extend the room. You will get a pop up for the same.

How to Select Rooms, Check availability and Type of Rooms in TTD Online Website
On the next page, you will need to confirm the primary Piligirm’s details from your group. Pay attention to phone numbers, proof, etc. Very important for verification and confirmation of the room. You will have the option to change the proof or anything, if you need to now.
Confirmation of User Details - TTD Online Room Booking

Select Payment Option : The next step is to select the form of payment and verify everything again once more. This step is one last step before the payment.  You should verify everything here as you cannot change any settings after this page.

Payment Options for TTD Online Room Booking Accomodation Visa Netbanking
Actual Payment Via Net Banking or Cards : The last step is payment and then confirmation. Depending on what you select, you will see details from each of the payment providers. We have selected ICICI here and it looks like below. The payment gateway does not matter, you can use either of them as they can process everything like Visa or MasterCard or Net Banking.  You will get confirmation after this and you are all set and done.

Payment Options for TTD Online Accommodation Booking
Make sure you print out the confirmation to avoid issues. You can always look at booking history and get it printed, but suggestion is to have it printed to avoid any issues.

NOTE: We have written another article with the New Interface was rolled out in 2017. Read  New Guide 2017 : How to Book Tirumala Accommodation Online 

How was your experience ? Are there any tips to book accommodation online for TTD ?


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