Pureit Water Purifier Review

Pureit Water Purifier Review

Now a days people have forgotten using water and everything that you see is MINERAL water. There are hell lot of diseases associated with water that people are scared of using normal water. In cities the situation is even worse, getting hold of normal drinking water is very tough. All these things have contributed to an unimaginable demand for quality water.

This has become a huge business. There are many vendors who install a machine to purify water and sell it in the name of mineral water. The dispatch of mineral water cans has become a common thing now. The amount that they charge for a 20 litre can varies from 20 to 40 rupees. In towns it is Rs 20/- and in cities like Hyderabad it is as high as Rs 40/-. I had managed using these cans for over an year when I was staying alone but now with my parents at home the consumption has increased and relying on these cans is not affordable anymore.

Then the thought of buying a water filter came to us. Before that my parents who used to stay in a reasonable town never ever thought of using a water filter as the drinking water that municipality supplies was good enough and there were no issues with that. Our enquiry with some relatives pointed to two key players in the market now and they are:

1. Pureit

2. Acquaguard

I was surprised to see the unanimous positive feedback for Pureit and the mixed response for Acquaguard. I’m not going to compare Pureit Vs Acquaguard as I have never used the latter. I was interested in knowing on how Pureit managed to gain such a good following and when I wanted to try it, I immediately understood that their customer service is splendid. They are also very much aggressive in marketing.

One fine day they sent a guy from Pureit to setup the device and it looked very strange for me as there were many small parts that are to be integrated. I also doubted this to be a deliberate attempt to confuse household consumers to believe that it is a complex system and thats why it costs Rs 2000/-. That installer guy took a big lecture for us about the ways to use it. Though it was hard to remember all of them we could gain confidence that we can handle it and it is no big deal.

The most surprising thing was about the battery. While even after trying hard I could not figure out where the battery was, the guy kept on showing me one component and told me to believe that it is the battery. Then I understood the catch in the business, they say that the battery runs for 3 to 5 months based on its capacity and the usage of water in it. There are two kinds of batteries available. One which can purify around 2000 litres of water and another smaller one with less throughput. And the prices are also different for these.

So the catch is, once you buy the device and start using it, you should be ready to replace the battery once it expires. You have to make a call to Pureit and they will send a boy to replace the battery. Theres a battery indicator which shows us the current status of the battery. A fresh one indicates white color in that and before reaching the final stage that is red, theres another state in which it indicates the bar half in white and half in red. This is an indication that the battery is going to expire and you should prepare yourself for its replacement. This way they have made us dependent on them.

But nevertheless the quality of pureit is very good. Their claim in Television Ad sounds strange where in they challenge that they can purify even mud water. They even say that they’ll pay Rs 1 Crore if proven wrong. This shows their confidence and my feeling after using fit or 1 and half year has been satisfactory.

The only trouble that I had was that after the recent replacement of battery, we encountered many red ants in the device and they were even coming out of the device with water when we were trying to collect it. When complained to Pureit about this, strangely they said that it is a known issue and they can fix it. But surprisingly the boy didn’t turn up in two days and the problem got resolved after that. We felt that theres some powder in the battery and red ants get attracted to that and eventually die.  But this is a flaw and Pureit should avoid it as soon as possible though it occurs only with some defective batteries.

There are two color models currently available. One in white-blue combination which looks great and the other one in Reddish-Brown combination. If you can place the device in a dust free zone then the first one should be opted and the second one covers up the dust if you use it in an open area.

Pureit has certainly filled the gap between the demand for quality water and the exploitation of Mineral Water Can wallahs and looks like they minted money with this successful product. This device is seen in most of the houses these days.

The price is also affordable because I have seen people deploying an expensive water purifier device with complex cable/pipe connection set to the water tap. There are lot of issues with such devices and often after installation the consumers are forced to stop using it. Pureit is a very good alternative and works well.

The only concern is about the replacement of the batteries but that is how they can make consistent money.

Well its an Win and Win game and both the parties get benefited. So no issues, go for it – Pureit !!!


  1. Very bad company. I called to customer care for home demo visit 4-5 times but still nobody came for it. Non technical people are working with company..

  2. I purchased Pureit Marvella water pruifier abut 3 yr ago. I will not recommend it for purchase because

    1 As per their terms every 4000 ltrs GK 1 & GK 2 filters to be replaced but even after using good corporation water with less than 3000 ltrs usage replacing filters every 8 months which cost Rs 3750

    2. For GK 1 charges around Rs. 1800 and for GK 2 Rs. 3750.

    3. Each time it is not working their dealer charges 250 for visit.

    4 .Within 9 months I have spent Rs 7000 for consumable/service to the company but cost of the unit purchased Rs 12000

    5 . Once limit switch got failed and engrs said failed due to ant entry & m/c is such a fool proof design

    6 After every service no output water parameter will be shown by their technician

    7. The design is such that you cannot clean the water tank
    8. No proper service technician to check & monitor the condition of parts during their visit. ( 4 months ago unit done serviced now pump output reduced & needs to replace cost Rs 2500)

  3. I purchased Pureit RO system in June 2017. It stopped functioning on 05.12.17. I have been following up with the customer care officials of Pureit since last three days, twice on daily basis, but no service engineer has visited till date. Customer care people simply tell that they have escalated the matter and service engineer will be sent but nothing happens. Absolutely terrible after sales service

  4. I purchased Pureit ultima RO+ UV water pruifier abut one and half yr ago. I will not recomend it for purchase because

    1. There is no comprehencive AMC policy of the companey.

    2 In one and half year I have to replace two time GK 1  two time GK 2.

    3. For GK 1  companey charges around Rs. 1800  and for GK 2 Rs. 3750.

    4. Each time it is not working compney charges 250 for visit.

    So in one and half yr I have paid Rs 12000 for  consumable to the companey.

    5. The visiting engineer told me if any electronic part will stop working you will have to pay much more amount. I have to get my adopter changed for Rs 1800


    6. The design is such that you cannot clean the water tank


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