To which side Lord Ganesha’s trunk should be ? – Review

Today I happened to watch Bhakti TV which clarified an important doubt many people have. Its a widely followed custom on Vinayaka Chavithi or Vinayaka Chaturthi festival to buy an idol of Lord Ganesh and offer prayers.

Many people have doubts and misconceptions about the significance of the location of the trunk of the Elephant faced Lord.

It was clarified that even if the trunk is on the right or left side of the Lord, both are auspicious. However there’s an interesting difference in the benefits the devotees would get.

If the idol has trunk on its right side, then it gives moksha related benefits. The devotee would understand that all the pleasures on this earth are momentary and the real bliss is much beyond that. They would eventually lose interest on petty things of life and gradually get into serene life style. They stride the path of achieving ultimate bliss.

And if the idol has trunk on its left side, it showers blessings on the devotees with wealth, pleasure and all sort of things that they would like to enjoy in their life. It takes for granted that the devotee wants to complete the journey of life with decent perks to his side and so grants him.

So to summarise, if you want bliss you have to workship idol with trunk on its right side and if you wish to enjoy current life to the fullest then workship the one having trunk to its left.

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