Vilas Venue Restaurant, Hyderabad – Review

This is the most visited restaurant in Hyderabad by me. It is on Road No.36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Very near to the famous Jubilee Hills Peddamma Talli Temple. This restaurant is a landmark by itself. Recently Chillies Restaurant has started beside it.

On my first visit, I was surprised about its popularity as the Restaurant looked normal. The ambiance was ok but the crowd was too much to handle. I think the main reason why it clicked was the price tag and the proximity with HiTech City, Hyderabad. It is at a reasonable distance from HiTech City. Though there are some restaurants like GingerCourt, Kasani in Madhapur which are the most accessible team lunch spots in Hitech city, people usually want to try different restaurants. Many of my colleagues said that it is better than the restaurants in Madhapur.

I always went for the Buffet and so cannot comment on À la carte. The food was good most of the times. Service was poor couple of times. It all depends on the timing of your visit. If it is crowded you have to treat it as a Self-Service Restaurant. Once the service was too poor and we had an argument with the staff.

They frequently change the ambiance and the location of the dishes in Buffet and as it is not a very big place the things are easy to find. The number of items available in Buffet are reasonable but the taste is good. The items are balanced without being spicy.

Totally it will be a satisfactory experience for any one who can adjust to some things like crowd and the room for the talks. It can’t be rated as a great place for food and at the same time can’t rule it out completely. The price tag is also reasonable and probably it is the cheapest in the similar restaurants scale. It is definitely not an ideal place for business meetings and you would curse yourself if you plan something like that and visit this place. If you are fortunate enough to grab a secluded room you would be saved or else if you land in the open area tables you are gonna for a toss if you want to talk peacefully to your friends/colleagues while having lunch.

You would be playing safe if you can reach the place before 1 PM or else you should be prepared for the long queues and irritating delay.

On the whole it is a good restaurant for food and proximity for Hitech City folks. It is a strict no for business meetings if you can not get a separate room.

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