Guide to TTD Tirumala Darshan Tickets Booking Online New Website

I recall searching for how to book tickets online almost over a year ago scrambling for information, finally ended up writing an article on it, you can read TTD Online Booking Process. The problem is that, TTD has moved to a New Website and System in 2016, where most of it has changed, I believe it is good to re-do it. I have just booked darshan tickets for Tirumala Balaji Darshan, below is the how to guide.  Please ask, if any questions in comments.

Step 1: Register a New Account with TTD Online System :   First step is to go the new website at : and look for Sign Up under the Login as shown below

Login TTD Screen

After you hit sign up, you will be asked to fill up details in the form. The screen looks like below. you will need to fill up basic information and will need the below details to complete registration

  • Valid Email Address
  • Full Name, Date of Birth, Address
  • Valid Mobile Phone Number, they will send OTP to that
  • Digital Photo of the person registering
  • Proof that you plan to use any ONE of the following
    • Aadhar Card
    • Passport
    • Ration Card
    • Voter Card
    • Driving License

Details of Piligrim on Registration page

Step 2 :  Account Activation , Mobile Number OTP :  The second step is to active the account. You will get an email to your email ID that you entered during sign up process and you will need to click on that link to active your account.

Account activation email link

Also, you will receive OTP ( One time Password) as SMS to the mobile number you entered. You will need to enter that number in the online web system to complete registration. See below for the actual screenshots.

OTP Screen TTD Account Activation

Account Activation Cofirmation

Step 3 : Login, Select The service Special Entry Darshan: Once you confirm your account is activated and you will be asked to login. After you login you will see a dashboard like below screenshot with the possible services that can be chosen. In our case as we are booking Lord Venkateswara special darshan, we select  “Special entry Darshan”

TTD Online Booking Dashboard Darshan

Step 4 : Select Date, Time, Number of Laddus,  Persons :  You will be asked to select the date, time and number of people, and extra laddus. See below screesnshot with steps number you will need to do in order.

  • The new interface is quite nice, it will show Green, if the slots are available and it will also show how many slots are available for darshan.  If it is red color for a date, means that the date is booked and no slots are there for that date. if blue means, that date slots are not yet released.
  • Each individual will get 2 laddus by default and You can book up to 8 extra laddus, with each costing 25 rupees.  The special entry darshan ticket will cost 300 INR.
  • You can book for a maximum of 6 people.

TTD Darshan Availability Chart Laddu Selection

Step 5 : Enter Accompanying Piligrim Details :  Next step is to enter the accompanying piligrim details. You will need the ID proofs of the people traveling with you.   See below screenshot.

  • You will need their Full Name, Age and Photo ID only.  Mobile Number and email of accompanying piligrms is optional.
  • You will need ONE of the below Photo ID proof and enter that proof related ID number .
    • Aadhar Card
    • Passport
    • Ration Card
    • Voter Card
    • Driving License

Accompanying Piligrim Details

Step 6 : Verify Accompanying Pilgrims details and Confirm the Payment Option : You will be given an option to verify the detail before you make the payment. You will see a screen like below. You will need to choose a payment option. Both are very much same, just one payment is processed by Andhra Bank, other one is by ICICI bank.  I chose Andhra Bank, as it never failed and I had bad experience with ICICI bank.

Confirmation Piligrims Details

    Step 7 : Payment :  In this step, you will asked to select one of the payment methods listed and proceed further. I chose NetBanking and it was seamless. It should work for any option as it is done by BillDesk, which is very reliable.  Your bank related screens will appear once you chose the bank under netbanking. You will go through payment process related to the bank and then you will be redirected to the TTD website.

    Payment Options - TTD Darshan Booking

    Step 8 : Confirmation :  If your payment is successful, you will get the below screen saying the booking reference number and you will have an option to print as well. I suggest that you should save it as PDF. If you miss, no worries, you can see it under the transactions.

    Confirmation of Darshan Tickets

    Additional option to print the confirmation and tickets under Transaction history.


    Did I miss anything ? Do you have any questions ?

    Note : We do NOT provide any services around booking Darshan. The above guide is to help you book darshan tickets on your own.  Beware of cheating ! You can do it on your own, do not pay anyone.


    1. Sir, I need extra laddus, but iam not mentioned at my booking. after booked time only i remembered. How to add extra laddu after booked my tickets. pls clarify sir, thanks

    2. Sir , we planning with 8 members which includes 2 children of below 8 years .
      Children are also needs to consider as members or free for them.

    3. TRANSACTION History is not available on website easily.. If we miss to print the tickets, retreiving them is not possible??

    4. Thanks for this detailed information. Wanted to know in how much advance does the online Darshan tickets are made available. I am trying for Dec 24th 2017 and the quota for December hasn’t been made online. I have been checking daily and my fear is that I might miss out on the day its opened for booking. Please guide.


    5. Hie sir,
      We booked 300/- Rs. Tickets through some other person. We got the reference no. Of the transaction but we didn’t receive any mail for confirmation.the person is saying u will receive the mail but we didn’t receive there any possible of getting details by using this reference no.?? Pls help us in solving this. Thanks in advance

    6. Thanks a lot Kumar for this nice & to the point guide. I was planning to book online darshan tickets as well. However, I have a short query –
      Can I book tickets on behalf of my family members? Like my mom,uncle,aunt & sister is planning to visit Titupati. So, can I create an account with my personal details on TTD and register my family member’s names as pilgrims (without me accompanying them)? If not, kindly suggest me a workaround.

      Thanks a lot again for your help!

      • The primary applicant is mandatory to be there. You can register an account for one of your relatives or parents and do the entire process. I did the same for my parents. Make sure you give their photo, phone number, proof details, it works fine.

        • Thanks a lot for your guidance. However, while going through the booking process, i found two options – self & others – i continued with others and booked the tickets. I hope everything is fine. Thanks a lot again!

    7. Sir in the rgistraion process emailid add is one we are using
      I want to know the passeord that hasto be created is new or the existing passeord
      I understand the password is for the ttd sute only pls clatify

    8. What is the size of JPG/PDF line can be uploaded. Self and wife are planning for Darshan in the month of November. We have PAN card and Photo in jpeg file. But Aadhar card file is very big 400KB.
      Pl. advise.

      • You can always minimize size online using compress sites. Just google compress jpg or png, and use the same to reduce size.

    9. Sir we are a group of four and three have the ids as per requirement. One boy has only school id. Can we book on line for him too or what should we need to do?

    10. Hello Sir
      my father planning to visit tirupati in august’17, total 12 person. can i book the special darshan for them from my ID or not? if yes then how.?

      • Ritesh,
        You can only book 6 in total for one ID. You will need to register new ID for one more person and book under their name.

    11. I have not account in andhra bank and icici bank . payment transaction amount which bank using for payment. ? Pls answer this question. my account is Indian overseas Bank.

      • poornima,
        it is only the payment gateway that is from ICICI and Andhra Bank. It does not matter, which one you use. You can use your Indian Overseas bank in NetBanking or debit card and still make payment.

    12. Is there any restriction on the number of days between two online booking for sevas as well as special entry darshan?

    13. Sir or madam iam doing online registration in new user every thing is ok but in password anything iwiil enter it not taking can u help me my password is Pd.9

    14. Thank you for the very well-articulated steps here. This is very helpful. I am running into an issue on the website, hope you can help / advise.

      I am following the exact steps you have described. When I click “Pay Now” on step 6, the screen doesn’t go to step 7. I have tried from various computers, various web browsers, at various times of the day and night. No luck. I have tried the Andhra Gateway as well as the ICICI Gateway. No luck.

      I live in the US, and unfortunately the toll free numbers don’t work from US. And, I tried emailing their helpdesk, but no response.

      Any help or advise appreciated.

      • Sanjay,
        Very strange, it should work. I have tried it on different browsers and computers, including different countries, it works fine…Give it a try again, maybe there was an issue on the day you tried.

    15. My grand son has no ID proof,except College id .Can we use it for bopking online sevaVasanthosavam.we r 2 elderly people coming for darshan with him.Thank u sir.

    16. Sir namaste….. we will come to tirumala on 18th march2017. Special Darshan tickets are almost over.We have a 9 month kid also. So how we will do Darshan safely and early….. please tel me sir…..

    17. I just booked my ticket on the ttd site I have got a message that my booking is comfier med and I got a transaction I’d but I am not getting a e-print of a ticket or anything

    18. Hello Kumar, I am planning to go on foot across the seven hills, I heard that the darshan would be free for those who take the seven hills , Is this true?
      If not, let me know if we should be booking the tickets beforehand.
      Thank you.

    19. sir we are going 5 members and i already created my account n i have already attached my photo n all details n shall i need all other 4 peoples photo while booking??????

    20. namaste
      Iam from Shahdol (Mp) i want to go tirupati in February i want to do kalyanam in 4th Feb so how i book a kalyanam tickets, room and darshnam tickets what is the coast of the tickets, and how i book a tickets please suggest me, and how many places are there to visit..


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