Pureit Water Purifier Review

Pureit Water Purifier Review

Now a days people have forgotten using water and everything that you see is MINERAL water. There are hell lot of diseases associated with water that people are scared of using normal water. In cities the situation is even worse, getting hold of normal drinking water is very tough. All these things have contributed to an unimaginable demand for quality water.

This has become a huge business. There are many vendors who install a machine to purify water and sell it in the name of mineral water. The dispatch of mineral water cans has become a common thing now. The amount that they charge for a 20 litre can varies from 20 to 40 rupees. In towns it is Rs 20/- and in cities like Hyderabad it is as high as Rs 40/-. I had managed using these cans for over an year when I was staying alone but now with my parents at home the consumption has increased and relying on these cans is not affordable anymore.

Then the thought of buying a water filter came to us. Before that my parents who used to stay in a reasonable town never ever thought of using a water filter as the drinking water that municipality supplies was good enough and there were no issues with that. Our enquiry with some relatives pointed to two key players in the market now and they are:

1. Pureit

2. Acquaguard

I was surprised to see the unanimous positive feedback for Pureit and the mixed response for Acquaguard. I’m not going to compare Pureit Vs Acquaguard as I have never used the latter. I was interested in knowing on how Pureit managed to gain such a good following and when I wanted to try it, I immediately understood that their customer service is splendid. They are also very much aggressive in marketing.

One fine day they sent a guy from Pureit to setup the device and it looked very strange for me as there were many small parts that are to be integrated. I also doubted this to be a deliberate attempt to confuse household consumers to believe that it is a complex system and thats why it costs Rs 2000/-. That installer guy took a big lecture for us about the ways to use it. Though it was hard to remember all of them we could gain confidence that we can handle it and it is no big deal.

The most surprising thing was about the battery. While even after trying hard I could not figure out where the battery was, the guy kept on showing me one component and told me to believe that it is the battery. Then I understood the catch in the business, they say that the battery runs for 3 to 5 months based on its capacity and the usage of water in it. There are two kinds of batteries available. One which can purify around 2000 litres of water and another smaller one with less throughput. And the prices are also different for these.

So the catch is, once you buy the device and start using it, you should be ready to replace the battery once it expires. You have to make a call to Pureit and they will send a boy to replace the battery. Theres a battery indicator which shows us the current status of the battery. A fresh one indicates white color in that and before reaching the final stage that is red, theres another state in which it indicates the bar half in white and half in red. This is an indication that the battery is going to expire and you should prepare yourself for its replacement. This way they have made us dependent on them.

But nevertheless the quality of pureit is very good. Their claim in Television Ad sounds strange where in they challenge that they can purify even mud water. They even say that they’ll pay Rs 1 Crore if proven wrong. This shows their confidence and my feeling after using fit or 1 and half year has been satisfactory.

The only trouble that I had was that after the recent replacement of battery, we encountered many red ants in the device and they were even coming out of the device with water when we were trying to collect it. When complained to Pureit about this, strangely they said that it is a known issue and they can fix it. But surprisingly the boy didn’t turn up in two days and the problem got resolved after that. We felt that theres some powder in the battery and red ants get attracted to that and eventually die.  But this is a flaw and Pureit should avoid it as soon as possible though it occurs only with some defective batteries.

There are two color models currently available. One in white-blue combination which looks great and the other one in Reddish-Brown combination. If you can place the device in a dust free zone then the first one should be opted and the second one covers up the dust if you use it in an open area.

Pureit has certainly filled the gap between the demand for quality water and the exploitation of Mineral Water Can wallahs and looks like they minted money with this successful product. This device is seen in most of the houses these days.

The price is also affordable because I have seen people deploying an expensive water purifier device with complex cable/pipe connection set to the water tap. There are lot of issues with such devices and often after installation the consumers are forced to stop using it. Pureit is a very good alternative and works well.

The only concern is about the replacement of the batteries but that is how they can make consistent money.

Well its an Win and Win game and both the parties get benefited. So no issues, go for it – Pureit !!!

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  1. Thank you all for a great feedback on this product. I have almost placed the order on Amazon. But after seeing this reviews I immediately cancelled it.

  2. Excessive chlorine by pureit water filter causes sorethroat as well as ulcerative colitis to me.As tap water already contains chlorine use some chemical free filter like UV based or TATA swach to avoid harmful chemical.
    People can also see videos to bypass chlorine battery because remaining filters of pureit are sufficient to clean tap water.

    • HI Gaurav, Interesting comment….can you point me to the video for bypassing the damn battery in the Pureit water purifier

  3. Please don’t opt for pure it.. go for aquagard.. service for pure it pathetic. I have raised a complain for about 5 days back. No one turned up.

  4. This is the worst purifier I got myself last month. They have used cheap plastic material which gets cracked easily on slight load. Its not even 1 month over and I could see crack in my filter. They have used all fancy lines likes 2 years warranty and world’s largest selling purifies. Please don’t be fooled by these taglines and invest your hard earned money into it. With poor quality they have also pathetic and customer service. When I called customer service and told them about my problem, they said they will send executive to check purifier. But its past 5 days I didn’t get any executive to replace faulty part. Worst filter and the worst customer care . They even lack basic customer service skill, they now a days cut my call when ever I call them to complain. These company’s just run by making people fool by their dumb and empty promises please I request never go for this purifier and repent later like me. I will never buy any of their product such a poor customer service and proct also.

  5. Whether Pureit or Acquguard I did not find any difference in performance. Both services are below average. Once you buy them that’s end and it’s beginning of struggle . Pureit is more smart in making money. Purely works on time based system. They are smart to introduce this electronic system where they could recover money from customer the actual sales price within 3 years of investment by providing spares on time based and self interactive menu. Very average service and poor quality spare . Don’t know whom to believe. All these company are sacking money from customers based on health concept .

  6. lmy god it is not classic purifier it can be called as classice impurifier.horrible the service is .no response in spite if our repeated calls and approach.the company is giving such an advertisement .we trust it and buy it.but once the product is giving some problems no one will come to attend.if we call the helpline they speak english at the tip of the tongue .please dont trust this company.simply horrible.

  7. Whichever water purifier brand you buy, do ensure that the purification technology is RIGHT for your water type.

    Whether it is a UV or a RO or a UV+RO or UF or any other technology is a factor dependent on the type of water you get in your house (Ask for a free recommendation here http://waterconsumer.org/purification-technology.php)
    Just the way you will never take a Crocin for stomach ache or a strepsils for fever, you cannot use an RO purifier if your water type needs a UV.

    Before you buy a water purifier remember that every purification technology is different and you need to know & be guided about the purification technology that is RIGHT for the water you get.

    Visit Waterconsumer.org which is a non-commercial website for further guidance on this topic

  8. I agree with everyone who have suggested not to buy pureit due to its after sales service, it is awful. It seems as if service provider or Customer care department are totally useless.

  9. Hello all, thanks every buddy for the reviews. I live in Marathahalli, Bangalore. i was about to purchase Pure it yesterday but just thought to do some google before purchasing and now i go to know about the BAD customer service of it. Could any buddy suggest me which else option is there for water purification.. i get corporation water and some times tenker also i live in rented house and owner stores water in 1. Grounded tank (which rarely cleans) and 2. a roof top tank (regularly cleans).
    My contact are 9538190505 or psapkal@gmail.com

  10. Hi All,
    Thanks for comments . There are so many negetive review on after sales. Thanks for helping me take a decision.

  11. I purchased a pure it Marvella RO on 9th feb.It was installed on 10th feb and from the same day i have been having a problem of the water overflowing every time and again even if the water tank is full. given a complain calling 1860-180-1000 twice. Even called the customer services of Vasai atleast four times. Even called the person who installed the unit and spoke to him regarding the problem, but no one seems to understand. It seems that after the unit is sold its the customers headache to follow up and get it done. Would suggest to all who prefer to buy an RO not to buy Pure it at all as it provides a very poor customer service.

  12. hello, this is debarati das, i have purchased a pure it classic, i sorry to info u guys that after purchasing nobody came for installing the machine.. so i request the team to please contact 9874781693 or debaratidas270612@gmail.com. & install the machine, as when we did the water is licked from 13 & 14th place, as mentioned in the manual.. plz do the needful.

  13. Bought Pure it Marvella RO on 19th May from Croma and the Croma team committed that the engineers will come and install before 21st May . Pureit Engineers came for installation on 23rd May (2 days delay from committed date) . After installation to my horror i found out water leakage in the filter and had called up the engineer on same night . The engineer came next morning and checked the filter and confirmed the filter will be replaced on same day .But till date i have not got any replacement though i had done multiple followups with Croma team & Pureit customer service .This was quite unexpected from Hindustan Unilever brand which claims to be one of the top brands of the country

  14. This is sabarish from hyderabad, i am also using pure it since 2yrs,but wasn’t impressed by your service and the worst part is 4 days back i have given a complaint that my pure it not working and asked for service.they said that we will attend you by the next 48 hrs but until now my problem wasn’t solved.but they send a message that your complaint no:c134968382 has been solved and give your feedback,i given 0 feedback, by then onwards they are not even attending my call also the service boy named santhosh has always been saying that iam coming, iam coming but wouldn’t ,if i asked for battery replace then they will come with in the day itself but not for servicing because for battery they will get money that’s why.

  15. i buy pureit classic used last 16 months but after replacement of kit , it leakage at bottam what to do ,even i call to customer care but not get any reply, my no is 8750153852,
    what are the solution at naw please help,
    i am puting naw patparganj, ND-92

  16. I buy Hindustan Pureit Classic 14 Litres from hypermarket, sonywood,coremangla, bangalore
    Now I am thinking to go to consumer court bcoz they r playing with the health of peoples.

  17. I have buy pureit classic 14 litre last month and my experiance with this is not good. In this first day when i install it see black particals in the middle chamber which comes from it’s carbon trap. I call to customer care and when serviceman comes. he was not good in behaviour. He has not give me satisfied answer abt it’s process and why that carbon particals is comes in water. Actualy he do not know the english and looks like a crab guy.
    And I observe one thing from two weeks that the water is not good and it’s not purified as they say.
    So due to bad customer service and bad quality product never go for hindustan unilever water purifier.

  18. It is funny to see these many comments on pureit. First of all the so called Pure it battery is nothing but plastic container filled with industrial aka heavy chlorine and charcoal (to absorb the smell). Calling it a battery itself is cheating the public. Second on long term God knows what kind of problems that are going to be surfaced for using excessive chlorine!!

  19. Please dont buy Pure it(EVEN BY MISTAKE)-Auto fill. First of all, after sell expense is very high-u have to keep on buying new kits. Second is cleaning the iron filter(the white one)WEEKLY is a big burdeN. The MOST PATHETIC ONE IS WATER LEAKAGE–MY FLAT GOT FLOODED FEW TIMES..ITS A HEEL LIKE EXPERINCE THEN..PURE IT SUCKSSSSSSSS

  20. Thanks guys for opening the eyes for further buyers. I’m planning to buy one w.purifier for me. Now won’t go with the pureIt for sure.

    Let me search reviews for Kent and Aquaguard:)

  21. Thanks all for the review. I planned to by it today and just going thorough reviews. Decided not go with this product. This is very surprising believe that it is a Hindustan Leaver product. The reviews started from June 10 2011 and last review is on 5 June 2012, this clearly indicates that service didn’t changed even in a year, So I don’t expect they will even change in near or far future. Also updating my office blog so that no one purchase this product.

  22. very bullshit service to say in one word………the customer care agents dont know to speak english….they just keep the call on hold without intimating…so guys plz dont never ever buy pureit

  23. Hi,

    i requset to all of you,dont purchase pure it water purifier it is not working properly.
    I made this mistake.when i called to pure it help line it only say ur problem will resolve within 3 days,but these 3 days will never come

  24. I was about to buy the product Marvell, but thanks to all of you for sharing such a crucial information about after sales service. My other choice is Phillips. I hope it is a right choice.

  25. Guys my experience is different with this guys ,its really horrible experience . i have purchased Pureit Marvell at Bannergatta Meenakshi mall ,hyper city .Guys
    sales team is good in attracting the customer and selling .but after sales we will become an call center person and we have to call this buggers(Sorry for using this word but u deserve it)my case i have paid full cash to them for pure it marvell and they committed product will be delivered and fixed maximum next day .okay .
    next i have called minimum 20 -25 times to Hypercity team for delivering the product ,yes it reached me after 3 days. now today 4th day im calling them leaving my works at office sitting here for fixing this product still no one turned up after 4th day .
    guys product may be good not after sales . company should take responsibility not only for sale even after sales and services .
    I feel i need to pull this stupids to Consumer court ?? i really fed up with this guys to fix it to my home.
    i dont know about service what all i face the problem .

    Arun Kumar

  26. I have bought a preit classic around 6 m ago, soon after 4 m it starts giving colored water. we contacted the customer care regarding this and they said that the expert will come to us in 24hrs. no one
    came. Agian i called after 3 days they replied the same and promised that someone will defenitely come now but no one came. This happened around 6 times over a period of 2 months but no one came so finally we packed the kit and i myself threw it into dump and i promised to myself that i will never ever but any of there products. I even contacted an advocate regarding this to file a complaint in consumer court but to there luck i lost the warranty card and slip.
    So my personal advice to everone planning to but a filter buy it but dont expect them to take care of you once something happens. these guys can sell can even come when your battery needs replacement but dont expect them to visit you regarding any complaint for which they are not getting anything

  27. To,
    The Manager- Pureit(Hindustan Lever ltd.)

    The germ kill batterary was not showing red indication even after use of 8/9 months. When the complaint was made vide comp. No,C-113624373 dated 05/8/11,the representative from co.at AHMEDABAD Mr. Abdul Rahim visited on 6/8/11 and reported that the germ kill battery kit is defective, not working,he hit the kit on the floor and told us that it will work now.It is shocking to know that during the period the germ kill kit was not working ,we were drinking a impure water.I fell sick (diarrhoea, water born disease) and my son was also fell sick.We have medical bills for the same.The company gurrantee for pure water fails here and we are victims for drinking impure water during these 8/9 months.Now we want that Co. must pay the gurrantee amount of Rs,one crore, otherwise we will challenge it in court of law.The representative who visited our home has claimed Rs.50/- as his service charge which I paid but is unathorised as we were not at fault but co.was at fault.Please take it very seriously and act as per your gurrantee to avoid legal action and bad name for Company.
    Hoping for early action in the matter.

    Ahinav M. KUlshreshtha
    Ahmedabad 380015
    Mo. : 09909920590

  28. Please never buy it. its after sales is worst. if you buy you are responsible for it.

    Make sure when ever you replace a battery take the bill. even it is your luck that purit works for you.

    Battery expries before time and new batter cost 550+30(service charge).

  29. Dear Sir,

    I have ordered battery for my Pureit on 19th morrning 8 am and it is promptly delivered within 6hours The service boy by the Name of manjunth has explained every thing about the purifier very nicely, and he was very proud to be part of your team. Young men like him with commitment and dedication should be encouraged.and I staying in vijaynagar bangalore


  30. Its after sales service SUCKS big time. I have been following up with customer care for last 15-20 days for changing Pureit battery and I am yet to get a satisfactory response from them. Don’t know when will it get changed!!!!

  31. Regarding Battery replacement I agree that’s a burden on customers and intelligent ploy from Pure it.

    And about customer care, we have been using Pure it for last 3 years and I should say that it was pretty good and they were prompt on service. But my case can’t be generalized and opinion of majority is important.

  32. I bought “Pure-It” and to fit it they took 5 days and after that it was leaking and they said there is more pressure so i have to purchase some controller which will cost me 500/- i agreed to it too and still it is not done… now it is 20 days on…
    very bad exp with customer care… no care what so ever… the above reviews looks like MD of the company him self.

  33. purit ek average purifier h lekin never buy purit because its custmur care is very bad ek bar problem ane par ap call karte rahenge lekin koi response nahi milega

  34. Never opt for pure it (you will repent)………….. you end up calling 18601801000 for the battery replacement which gets replaced not less than 15-20days.Had experience with the Marvela and now with pure it

    • Putit review : Never ever buy Pureit… Customer service is very very bad. You will end up waiting for months together for any complaint. Especially one in Cox town, Bangalore. You call any number and no response. I had Aqua Guard for 8 years and never had issues with customer service.


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